Serial Killer Round 52: Nostalgia Edition. Game Over. Killer Victory. (Cycle 10)

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Nooooo! The butler waiter died! Now who can we blame for the streak of murders?

*Pours glass of wine*
*Stares at dead body*
*Pours wine on dead body*

What? It felt fitting!

@Jak: Now who will clean that wine up!?

Morsomk's crumpled attire could have been stain free.

If only he had invested in a Bubble Wrap Brand! Bubble Coat.

Don't be caught without a Bubble Wrap Brand! Bubble Coat.


so do we vote or do we wait for michi the currently single breadroll?

@MemLCol TBOT: We must wait for the opportune moment.

@Barbas: google is your friend!

wow you guys got ahead of me.

Voting Time

@Michi: One must take care to stay ahead when murder's afoot.

@Mortis Nuncius: Well done!

@Barbas: Thanks! I thought that one was actually fairly lame. Though I suppose, at least with many puns, that's sort of the point.

So did we kill another innocent yet? That's what we're supposed to be doing with voting yeah?

Not yet, but I'm hoping soon!

The People have spoken. Check your inbox.

Also sorry for being late on the execution, I've been sick.

Hey, I'm sick too but I am not that late on dying. You have no excuse Michi. I didn't even know that bread could be sick.

Why the fuck am I bread? I'm not that white.

@Michi It has been decided by the people, just like my death.

@Lizmichi I thought this whole time you were female wheat bread... *shrugs*

@username sucks Damn... I think I lack being a "person" of the people, then...

@FPLOON I think you voted for me. You may have even been the vigilante, I don't care that the gender is wrong!

Yay! We win!

Wait... No... Not yay. What have we done? WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!

Increase my market value is what.

@username sucks What's funny is that, this whole time, I have not voted for you ONCE! BELIEVE IT!!

I am [mostly] part of the 20%, [un]fortunately... (I'm going to die soon... I just know it...)

Check your inbox. The killer has struck

So I'm dead.

I might write a death but my mind is on other issues right now. We'll see.

So...uh...good luck catching the killer?

um, thanks? good luck being dead!

Voting Time People.

I think everyone should be executed. After all, everyone is a killer.

@user: *Stabs in the back with cardboard knife*

Speak for yourself killer! I won't let you drag us down with you!

@Staika good job stabbing me when I already got shot in the head. I am much more dead now, thanks.

@user: No problem, I like making things more dead!

@user: Nothing like making dead things deader!

@Schizzy: Like Zombies!

doesn't killing zombies make them Redead? not deader?

It makes them lose souls, which is a right pain in the arse.

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