Serial Killer Round 52: Nostalgia Edition. Game Over. Killer Victory. (Cycle 10)

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@Neuromancer: I hope it is not the PS2 version! It was awful!

@Neuromancer: Indeed we are.

@Dirty Cop James funs: No, it's the nextgen version - with DLC. For $10 I'll reveal the truth.

@Teoes: Don't you mean current gen?

@Dirty Cop James funs: I do but I chose my words carefully. They're so futuristic and wonderful and ahead of the curve that it feels like a massive belittlement to refer to them as 'current'. Anyway, $10. Cough up to proceed.

@Teoes, @staika, @Dirty_Cop_James_funs: The game's afoot! I'm watching you!

@Teoes: That sounds like a scam that only an idiot would fall for... I'LL PAY! :O

@Barbas: *Kill Bill stare*

* @FPLOON is eating popcorn, humming the Highlander theme throughout *

Wow, lots of new blood this round!
Maybe this'll inspire me to be active again...

@Jak Yea, I know. More then I expected.

@Liz: Interesting title for the round. Can you elaborate on the inspiration?

@Barbas I live in Oregon, there is snow. Easy..

@Lizmichi: *Nods*, That makes sense.

Just call me Michi. Everyone does.

Ooh, murder. The thought just makes me giddy.
@RaND I'm watching you, a cardboard thief is just one step away from a killer.

Come on @Staika , why are you looking at me like that? I thought I made it clear that I never intended to rob you, I was just in the spirit of February Fools day. I would also still like to buy some cardboard... because someone here *cough*RaND*cough stole my purchase before I could make a run for it pay for it.

Hello! I don't suppose a random individual could randomly join, could this random individual?
*Dons his Trilby, wears his coat, and stands around looking like an idiot.*

@wacky The GM was very particular about having an even number of people, and roles have already been given out. I think you're just a bit too late. Shame. I would have loved framing you and having you executed.

username sucks:
@Randy Did you just steal what I was about to purchase? I NEEDED THOSE, YOU FIEND!

Prepare yourself for battle! *draws cardboard rapier*.

*draws sharpened cardboard saber*

That was market value, you non-negotiable cur. What know you of economics?

@staika: i have sudden need of cardboard throwing stars, haves you any?

@Mem You will have to wait until either Staika restocks or *lunges at RaNDM* I defeat this fool, so that I can take back- *blocks incoming attack, breaking his own sword in the process*-what is mine.

To hell with this, now you shall face me when I'm using a weapon I know how to use. This katana was forged by my own hand using the highest quality cardboard from the Eastern Packaging Company. I was going to pay Staika for the materials but now... Now I will pay you.

@RaND Would 5 money be enough to pay for about 100 cardboard ingots? I'm sure I could have gotten a better price from Staika, but I understand that you need to make a profit as the middle man. Also, would you consider a trade for this katana of mine? I would much rather have an axe and round shield.

FIRST BLOOD. Check your inbox, the killer has struck.

Wait, there's a killer on the loose?

Run! Run to the hills!
<No, my lord! They're coming from the hills!>
Run away from the hills! Run away from the hills! If you see the hills, go the other way!


Aaaaaaand I am the first to die! -_-

So I am the first to die, eh? It's totally @Teoes who did this. <_< Or @Neuromancer, or @Barbas, or....*Goes on for hours*

I don't care if @Dirty is the first to die! I bet he's the killer! I'm watching you. I don't care if you're bleeding and have been shot, crucified and all the rest of it. I'm watching you.

Edit: so now we PM our votes on the killer's identity to @Michi, yesyes? That is, unless we're the killer, natch.. >.>

Guys, don't send me votes until I say it's time to vote. Also the killer gets to vote as well. Speaking of which..

Send me in those votes.

Well well looks like one is down. Now then.....
*sets up cardboard defense stand*

Come one and come all and get your cardboard defense items! They can protect you! Also a no money back guarantee!

@staika: I always found cardboard to be too heavy and cumbersome. It restricts my panicky jerking movements.

What do you have in the way of paper?

*Smashes Teoes over the head with a cardboard mallet*

@Teoes: I don't carry that low quality shit. Either buy cardboard or have nothing to protect you!

@staika: You're next I mean, you'll be sorry when I'm dead through inadequate protection!

@staika: Around here, we call cardboard "plywood's bitch".

@Teoes: Clearly he has nothing, but with my patented paper chain mail, you won't have to worry about those pesky knives in your back*. For a nominal** fee, I can have an extra layer of plating fitted beneath the chain mail so it can also stop bullets from penetrating all your bits, bot squishy and non***. As an added bonus, any orders over $5,000**** will be bundled with a paper hat that is not only fashionable, but also protects you from blunt force trauma*****!
* No actual studies have confirmed this to be true.
** The term "nominal" is subject to vendor's interpretation.
*** No studies have shown this to even be remotely accurate of a statement - in fact, it has proven to more of a hindrance than not.
**** Cash only.
***** Studies were never even performed to try and prove this.
Disclaimer: No claims made in this advertisement should be taken as fact, but rather should be viewed as the blatant pandering and self-praising that they actually are. Any paper-related injury including, but not limited to, evisceration, disembowelment, decapitation, strangulation, being thrown into a wood chipper, suffocation, asbestos poisoning (select products may or may not be comprised purely out of asbestos), and death, be it timely or untimely. At no point before, during, or following the transaction can the vendor be held accountable or liable for any injuries sustained; the customer, or in some cases prospective customer assumes all responsibility for any potential risks.

@Mortis: With that much small text it just HAS to be good! Sold!

@Teoes: Congratulations! Judging from your positive tone of voice, my voice recognition software has confirmed that you would like to purchase ten of your Premium Protective Paper sets! You may have just made the greatest decision of your life! For just another mere $2,000, you can upgrade your order to express (10-15 business days) shipping!

@Staika well it seems like RaND is too busy with something else, so I will buy your cardboard this time. I'm not taking chances, so I am buying all of it. In return I will give you $32.56, a carrot, and a frozen cup of tea. I'm not going to wait for your approval. The trade is completed.

Now I need to get back to my workshop and forge my armor. I might as well hand in my vote to execute @RaNDM as I go there.

@user: You're just an open book, ain't ya? Never seen someone publicly announce who they're voting for, or at least I can't recall a time, but either way I admire your boldness. Unless...

It's all part of a clever ruse, isn't it?!

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