World War Three: Global War simulator

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This is looking good so far, i'm loving some of the new history, takeovers and coups. Just need to get (a lot) more people invloved and we can get going! I'm already scheming future plans...

Country: The U S of A
Form of Government: Military Dictatorship
Your Name/Title: General Merone
Basic info: Population: around 300 million. A nuclear weapons program. Army strength of 1,085,000 soldiers. Around 5,778 aircraft in service. 282 ships in active service.
Secret Weapon: *Removed from public view*
History: A few years into his term of service, President Barack Obama, first African American president of the United States, was assasinated by a white supremacist. A national outcry followed, and the man was killed by a member of the public while under police custody. Riots split the country, and the military discreetly took power. The country was then pacified, and a new leader emerged: General Merone. Quickly passing laws that made it impossible for him to be unseated by peaceful means, he ruled the country with an iron fist. Making use of America's substantial military, he began an agressive expansionist movement.

Bling Cat, Zemalac excepted. Oh, and anyone who has yet to PM me a secret weopon needs to do so. Also, I will start one a magority votes for it and I have all the secret weopons. I will NPC all other countrys. (A headache, but not as bad as the last time I did this...)

Oh, and if someone else wants to draw the map, that would be great. I suck with Ms paint.

I can try

Lemme try Asia.

Oh, and if someone else wants to draw the map, that would be great. I suck with Ms paint.

Like this?

Yup. Accept with a key to state who controls what.

Yup. Accept with a key to state who controls what.

Hmm. I can do that later tonight. I got something to go to. You want a key? Because basically the Green, Rad, and regular Blue are the Indian Monarchy, Chinese Happy-Land, and New Korea, respectively.

I made a map, in case you still need one. It's a world map, though.

I think I got everyone here.

Nice. My country is small..
But powerful..

I think we all know the best country there is the one shaped like a foot ;)

I think we all know the best country there is the one shaped like a foot ;)

New Korea? It's shaped like a footprint.

Oh I see, I'm pink am I? That's deliberate anti-UIC propagnada right there!

Nice map though, will be useful in my scheming...

Oh I see, I'm pink am I? That's deliberate anti-UIC propagnada right there!

Nice map though, will be useful in my scheming...

I ran out of colours. And Switzerland is light blue, so.

Alright, the game starts tonight.

Good stuff.


New Korea: Sends request to Heckler & Koch for a shipment of 850,000 G3KA4's to arm the military.

Heh. Switzerland looks kind of small, sitting there with all these vast superpowers floating around.

This looks like it's going to be fun.

And so the story begins.

Country: The Unified Island Confederacy (aka) United Kingdom
Form of Government: Dictatorship
Your Name/Title: Supreme Overlord, Sam Ridley
Basic Info: Navy, Airforce and Army, Nuclear weapons program, Population 60,975,000, Economy - 5th largest in world, 2nd largest in Europe.
Secret Weapon: PM'd to GM.

History: Whilst the majority of the UKs armed forces were abroad fighting in minor pre-WWIII conflicts, Ridley incited a bloody coup in London, using a small army of devout followers he had gained through the loss of confidence in the current political climate. By recreating the gunpowder plot he destroyed the Houses of Parliment, and in the following confusion his army split into two groups - one taking care of ther remaining security forces in London. The other entered Buckingham Palace and forced the Queen to abicate - leaving her throne to Ridley.
He promised a brighter future for the inhabitants, whom quickly fell into line under his militarian regime. He promptly recalled most of the troops from abroad, forcing them to swear allegience to his new Confederacy. Basic freedoms were restricted and Ridleys reign began as he isolated himself from the rest of Europe. The Royal Family is though to have fled the country.
Ridley has since built on new structure on the ruins of the Houses of Parliment - The Grand Hall of the Unified Island Confederacy. Where he gave his first inspirational speech to the populace. Promising food on every table, jobs for every family, and above all, a brighter, better future, in which all citizens can play their part. Ridley captured the hope of a nation, securing their loyalty for the future ahead...

Soviet States of Rostovakia (Soviet North Ossetia)
Premiere Alexander Kozlov
Area: [contains all- Rostov Oblast, Volograd Oblast, Krasnodar, Astrakahn, Kalymkia, Ingushetia, Kalbardino-Balkeria, North Ossetia, Chechnya, soon to assimilate South Ossetia] Approximately 600,000km2
Resources: Highly rich in dormant Heavy Industry since the Soviet Union, including the Volograd metropolitain area, Highly arable land and the more rich Oil deposits of Russia.
Population: 7,005,956, 2014 est.
Currency: Nova Ruble (R), ^0.64 $USD
Military: Equivalency to Former Czechoslovakia, with extensive interior strengthening and isolation programs underway to make it reliant on only Domestic weapons and vehicles, planning on making country completely autonomous and self sufficient by 2030.
Navy is very small but growing.
Superweapon: Highly Efficient Secret Proprietary Aircraft Engine, allows for highly versatile and cheap aircraft.
History: Due to the economic strain caused by the United States' recession in 2008 in conjunction of the Military Muscle-flex under Vladmir Putin by Russia in 2009 and 2010, Volograd Oblast and Rostov began meetings with surrounding Oblasts and sections of Russia, until they began an ambitious plan to go for autonomy to form a strong, unified Ossetian country and culture unique to the continent and apart from Russia.
With it's autonomy, the political status with Russia is heavily strained and partially weak due to Ossetia losing it's most reliable source of demography and bureaucracy, whereas Russia lost one third of it's industrial and commercial power with the split.
It's political friends are those who are still Communist, although Chinese relations are starting to falter. Ossetia tenaciously tries to Ally with the United Island Confederacy, but the proud British people refuse to take a gain of Communists unless they can prove themselves a capable power.

Country: National Republic of Lithuania
Form of Government: Republic
Your Name/Title: President Tomas Krikštaponis.
Basic Info: Extensive medical research program, progressive science. Medium sized army and small air force, very small navy. Economy 65% EU average. Population of 3,45 million. Nuclear energetics are very well researched.
Currency: NLL (National Lithuanian Litas) (1 NLL- 0,5 USD.)
Secret weapon: It's secret, isn't it?
History: One of the Oldest countries, Lithuania has had a troubled past. Blood stained her banner, but she was defeated time after time in it's older days. Eventually she became a small nation in the Baltics - her people bitter, disliking Poles, Russians, Jews, Germans and it left them with an everlasting hate towards communists. Just freed from the Soviet Union, they see themselves as the heirs to the dynasty of Last Pagan Nation. Their spirit is strong, but they were divided. Until a charismatic politician - Tomas Krikštaponis, a nationalist, brought the people together to fight for a cause - the reinstitution of the Largest State of Europe.
Once World War III was in sight, the small republic decided it was time to take the lands that were stolen from them and repay all for the harms that have been done. With the election of the new president, Lithuania has started to conscript infantry, purchase and create tanks and gear up for war. The time to write the wrongs of history and bring back the largest country of Europe has come. The Nation is Aggressive, the People are Cynical and the rest of Europe is their Enemy.

The Bengali Raj
Emperor Samarjit
Form of Government: Absolute Monarchy
Area: 4,304,658 km. The countries of India, Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Bangladesh, and Pakistan have joined together to form one gigantic power.
Population: 1,492,671,859
Currency: Indian Rupee (Rp) Exchange Rate: 49.27 to a U.S. Dollar, 64.01 to a Euro, and 80.45 to a Pound.
Agriculture: The Green Revolution has allowed a huge boom in farm output.
Industry: Textile manufacturing and other labor-intensive industries are relied upon.
Military: Sports a relatively small army with experience in diverse terrain. A small, yet still blue-water navy brimming with new recruits is docked in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. A slightly outdated air force is also available.
(Not So)Secret Weapon: Though most were destroyed, five nuclear warheads still exist and are hidden around the country.
History: India suddenly flew into turmoil when the world war broke out. People were so conflicted. They were torn between war and peace, and the question of whether or not they were attacking the right nation as their massive armies marched off to extreme bloodbaths of battles. A charismatic nationalist, Bahrat Singh, led a gigantic horde of upset citizens to New Delhi. Rather than fight, they began a peaceful protest. This went on for days, until one member of the protest became fed up and began firing a weapon at the few soldiers left to keep the mob in check. There was a miscommunication of orders, and, rather than tear gas, bullets were fired into the crowd, resulting in dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries. Outraged, Singh led the citizens on a charge into the heart of the North Block. Without many troops to defend it, the government buildings and the surrounding city were taken over by Singh and his forces. Most of the people of New Delhi were pleased to see this, as their husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers were being sent off to die at the will of the president and his cabinet. The new revolutionary army quadrupled in size and began marching on other major Indian cities. With India under his control, Bahrat Singh changed his name and crowned himself Emperor Samarjit. He then set out to unify the original Mughal Empire, taking over Pakistan and Bangladesh in only one year. Sri Lanka and The Maldives were quickly annexed soon after.

Country: The Shiny Happy People's Republic of China (currently China/Nepal/Bhutan/Mongolia)
Form of Government: Dictatorship
Your Name/Title: Long Bairen, Emperor for Life
Area: 11,429,315km2
Resources: Lots and lots of cheap plastic merchandise. Oh and people, lotta people here! (Sorry, I was lazy.)
Population: 1,354,995,213 2014 est.
Currency: SHPRC yuan (1USD = 1.39 SCY)
Military: The largest in the world, with over 3 million conscripted soldiers and rising. The navy and Air Force can't quite compare yet.
Secret weapon: Hidden missile silos behind the Great Wall (sssshh! It's an Ancient Chinese Secret!)
History: In 2010, China was simmering, the world was crumbling around them and they wondered what their leaders were going to do. Would it be time for China to resume it's title of leading nation of the world 5000 years after abdicating the throne? Or would they just sit by and wait as they had so so far. Seeing an opportunity, a 21 year old student named Ryan Wilson moved to China and began stirring the pot, rekindling hopes of a glorious Chinese presence, respected the world over, and it was working. He quickly built support in the suppressed rural communities. In 2011, President Hu Jintao began to suspect something but it was too late, Wilson had united the entire Western and Southern state, even gaining support in Hong Kong and Shanghai. In November, Wilson made his move towards the capital. With his growing army of disenfranchised farmers, laborers and fallen stockbrokers, He swept up the coast, taking Jiangsu, Shandong and Hebei in quick succession, his mass of followers growing larger. On December 14th, 2011, he led the attack on Beijing, it was a long siege, 4 days of continuous fighting, but on his 23rd birthday, December 18th, Wilson strode into a mansion in the Shunyi district and officially captured Jintao. 12 days later, he was executed by firing squad. Wilson began construction on a new Emperor's palace in the Fangshan District, and to better posture himself with some residents angry that a white man had taken power, changed his name to Long Bairen, "The White Dragon" in Chinese. Over the next two years, Bairen consolidated his power in the Northern regions and began his ambitions for world conquest, first taking Bhutan in July of 2013, then Nepal in September of 2013, and then adding Mongolia to his collection in May of 2014. He's now looking outward at where to go from here

Country: Nuevo Imperio Romano (The New Roman Empire... Italy)
Form of Government: Dictatorship
Your Name/Title: Emperor Benito Vercetti (thankyou GTA)
Basic Info: Navy, Airforce and Army, No Nuclear weapons program, Population 59.8 Million, Economy - 7th largest in world, 4th largest in Europe.
Secret Weapon: PM'd to GM.
History: Italy had always been on the brink of a fascistic dictatorship but the beginning of WWIII pushed it over the brink. In a matter of months Italian politician Benito Vercetti was able to turn the wills of the public to his side as uncontrollable events rocked the existing government. Two months ago, in a grand coup Benito Vercetti took up control of the country and declared that old nation of Italy 'Nuevo Imperio Romano' promising the people wealth and prosperity of old in a future of darkness and turmoil. While there is a lot of resistance to his rule, so far, public opinion is divided down the middle and the Police State keeps those who would see the Emperor deposed under control.

Country: New Korea (North Korea and South Korea)
Government: Republic
Ruler: Chancellor Yoon-Jin Choi
Info: Largest fleet of Frigates in the world (Seriously, South Korea has it). Weak tank force. Strong Military Force, 1.2 million in North Korea and approximately 5 million in South Korea (counting reserves). Does Have a Marine Corps. Total population of 728 million. Economy is 25th largets in world using Southern Korean statistics.
Secret Weapon: Sent to the guv'ner.
History: The Koreas have always been a divided nation since the formation of North Korea in the 1950's. However, as the world heats up and is on the brink of war, they find the only war for both of them to survive is to become one nation with an extremely large military force. South Korea refused to join in alliance if they kept a Communist government. North Korea, fearing defeat, agreed to the terms and they became New Korea. In a shocking 70% victory, North Korean republican Yoon-Jin Choi took control of the government and stressed military reform as soon as possible. Now, New Korea stands as the world's premier in an Asian Republic, ready to show their worth.

Country: Swiss Confederacy
Government: Federal Democracy (technically)
Ruler: Federal Councilman Franz Archinard
Info: Sixth-richest country in the world, capitol is Berne. The military is very small, even though all able-bodies Swiss males are required to serve a term, with the army consisting of 220,000 men, mostly conscripts. The air force is just as small, and the navy nonexistant except for the Naval Patrol (which consists of ten patrol boats armed with machine guns). The military in recent years has been moving towards a small, professional force. The borders are protected by tank-trapped bridges and tunnels, fortresses in the Alps, and gigantic mountains.
Secret weapon: CLASSIFIED
History: Switzerland is a neutral, direct democracy run by a Federal Council with seven members. On paper, at least. Nowadays it is Federal Councilman Franz Archinard who rules the Swiss Confederacy from behind the scenes. There has been surprisingly little critisism of Archinard's usurpation of power, though there probably would be if the citizens knew of it. The rest of the Council are puppets of a long-ranging plan. Important issues are still voted on by the populous, but unless the population is overwhelmingly against a measure Archinard will do what he pleases. While there are some who look nervously at the Councilman's growing power, Switzerland still has one of the highest standards of living in the world and there are few who are disgruntled enough to point accusing fingers at the man who keeps them safe and comfortable.

Country: The U S of A
Form of Government: Military Dictatorship
Your Name/Title: General Merone
Basic info: Population: around 300 million. A nuclear weapons program. Army strength of 1,085,000 soldiers. Around 5,778 aircraft in service. 282 ships in active service.
Secret Weapon: *Removed from public view*
History: A few years into his term of service, President Barack Obama, first African American president of the United States, was assasinated by a white supremacist. A national outcry followed, and the man was killed by a member of the public while under police custody. Riots split the country, and the military discreetly took power. The country was then pacified, and a new leader emerged: General Merone. Quickly passing laws that made it impossible for him to be unseated by peaceful means, he ruled the country with an iron fist. Making use of America's substantial military, he began an agressive expansionist movement.

The original conflict which would cause a world war was the Slovakian invasion of Hungary. The Slovakians quickly gained the alliance of a the newly created Grand Republic of Central Europe. (The Czech republic. From now I will refer to it as GROCE) The British backing of the Hungarians resulted in the formation of the Unified Island confederacy. As the other countrys took sides, more conflicts broke out. World War Three would soon be declared.

((As this starts, World War Three has yet to be declared. So feel free to invade, make alliances with NPC's or other PC countrys, start secret research programs whatever.))


Today Supreme Overlord Ridley announced plans were underfoot to expand our great country, and return it to the great Empire it once was. The borders have been shut to all incoming traffic - except UIC citizens.

Military forces that have been preparing in the North of Ireland have pushed to invade into the country. Comprising of a Battalion, and assisted by an Armoured Corp, the whole of Ireland will soon be under UIC control.

Meanwhile, our pilots have taken to the skies in order to clear and secure the Channel, and allow bombing runs on key targets in the north of France.

Alliance requests have been sent to -
Soviet States of Rostovakia
The Bengali Raj

The president was sitting in his office, closely following the news of armed conflicts between nations. This seemed like a good opportunity to do a little conquering on their own. With a few words, the president had initiated a secret plan that has been carefully put together.

Factories that have been dormant, like volcanoes that have been silent for hundreds of years, came alive and workers, even at the earliest hours in the morning were busy, using their stockpiled resources and putting together tanks, munitions and weapons. Men were taken from their home and trained to be fighting machines. Conscription introduced. Full mobilisation soon to follow.

A few hasty messages flashed across the world, a request for a formal alliance was sent to the USA, Germany.

With strategic ease, the Lithuanian army, with it's full might of over 300 thousand troops, 60 tanks, 30 bombers and fighters and several armed trains invaded Latvia, seeking to unify the Baltic states.

Emperor Bairen strolled the confines of his palace, wondering what to do with the news that WWIII had officially be triggered by those silly Slovakians. "Chi Fu!" he called, demanding his head advisor come in, an ex-Hong Kong financial wizard, Chi Fu's mind became very well adapted to the means of war during Bairen's conquest of China. "Yes, your Excellency?" the man asked. "Get in contact with Chancellor Choi. I want to make sure we have a non-agression pact in place. I don't need him trying to sneak in the back door during this conflict, and if he accepts, he may have a little help should he want to try and take down Japan. Also, dash an electronic letter off to the Swiss consul. If everything is going to pot in Europe, I want to make sure we've got someone on our side. Finally, ready the western troops. We're taking Krygyzstan, and we're doing it now." "Yes, sir!" Chi Fu barked as he ran off, doing his leader's bidding. "We'll see how this global chess game plays out from here, I guess."

President Yoon-Jin Choi has issued a statement today.

Translation: As total war seems immenment, it seems only right to request the assistance of several countries. The Chinese have sent an alliance, which we accept. Good things to them shall come should they decide that India is worth the loss of men. We request that the Soviet States of Rostovakia ally themselves with us, as we can see they may need our help as much as we may need theirs. We ask that no one start this war, as it will only lead to destruction. Thank you.

--Nuevo Imperio Romano--

The Emperor sat back in his chair looking at the map on the wall. The distant rumble of conflict was on the horizon and he had no desire to get caught up in the middle, although it could proof a useful chance to cement Nuevo Imperio Romano's place in the Mediterranean.

Alliance Requests sent to: Switzerland

These alliance requests ask about the opportunity for treaties of peace between our three nations. Obviously the UIC has expansionist ideals and so we would be happy to hear ways in which this could be accounted for in said treaties. My dream is to have a united western European front from which we could defend against possible American Aggression and also our friends in Eastern Europe.

As well as this, in order to cement trade within the Mediterranean i intend to launch an invasion of Egypt although for now i am simply sending air craft carriers carrying bombers with a small fleet of frigates.

--Nuevo Imperio Romano--

Alliance Requests sent to: Switzerland

We thank you for your offer of peace and friendship. We would like to think that the Swiss Confederacy can remain a friend to all nations despite the shadow of war.

((If your woundering, I'm waitng for everyone to post for me to GM))

Concluding delightful phone-calls with The Korean and United Islands Embassies, Alexander was feeling absolutely wonderful. Breakfast contained more than five pieces of crispy bacon, a report indicated to him that Oil Reserves were up, and Two of the most populous and most powerful nations in the world had asked him personally if he wanted to form an alliance, and he hadn't even seen himself in a mirror a second time to see if his hair had grown back in what seemed to be thusfar the perfect day. He sat down in his office chair and began filling out the various forms implicated by Joining three nations armies into one bunch of friends. Propaganda would probably be needed to be issued praising the wisdom and leadership of President Yoon-Jin Choi and 'Lord' Samuel Ridley. A knock came from the grand mahogany doors, giving brief glimpse to the porch and waterfront park by the great Black Sea, as the opened in hisrepose to his words. The whole scene residing in the front of his Administration Palace.
"Come in." his aid came in bearing a platter of new documentation of this or that regarding British Military and Economic policy and the confusing Para-senatorial matters of Korea. Everything was becoming more and more confusing even though national borders were starting to dissapear. Many countries heavily altered their Embassy systems since the collapse of NATO in 2015.
"Here you are sir." said the boy, naught but 26 and fresh out of the Volograd State University. Kozlov eyed them and then looked back up at the boy. He still had that air of a fresh young mind about him, just as much as Alexander had of a wonderful day developing.
"Look out there." Alex said. The boy looked, half curiously at what he would be looking at, half curiously at why the Premiere should tell him to.
"The Black sea.. beautiful, isn't it?"
"..Yes, sir."
"Are you having a good day so far, my lad?"
"I am if you say so, sir."
"Most excellent, because you are. Tell your supervisor and the Palance manager I'm in a generous mood, everyone receives a six point ration bonus for this week." A wide smile eveloped the boy's face, shortly after followed by Alexander's.
"Yes, sir!" He hurried off excitedly to tell all the other servants of the residence.
Rostovakia was a rich country since its separation, and in such it appeared to be a gleaming example of model Communism; in four short years Alexander had brought economic reform bringing plenty and stability to Oil Baron and farmer Kulak alike, which was harnessed easily and cooperatively into a very vehement effort for domestic "national defense" and support for the new State-Corporation Ossetia Free, the national proprietary Defense contractor, in other words, their Tank and Gun company.
"All the other expansionists seem bent on violent territory capture.. but with Britain and Korea coming to me for an alliance, I think I may be able to seek my goals without even a foot set on Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan or Turkey!"

Alright, all the country info is there.

((The CIA factbook is also quite useful.))

((You may enter. Let this be a general woarning. The later into the game this gets, the more defined the NPC countires will be. As such, you will be mroe restircted in what you will be able to do with them.))

General Merone strolled in the garden, enjoying the breeze. The situation in Europe was becoming critical. He didn't really want to commit troops he could be using to capture other countries. That offer of allegiance from Lithuania was tempting though. Would be good to have a country already on his side as a springboard for a Europian invasion. However, he wanted to turn his attention to the south. Ordering the military into Mexico would help against the tide of immigrants, and would allow him even more troops and military bases. He smiled as he took his phone out of his pocket, dialing the secure number he used to give orders while out in the garden.

Emperor Samarjit sat in his office in the middle of the North Block in his capitol, New Delhi. Having accepted the proposed alliance from the U.I.C. quite a while ago, he turned his attention back to the almost-finished monument, the Taj Jahan. Centuries earlier, Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal as a tomb for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The ancient emperor planned on building a matching solid black tomb for himself directly opposite the massive monument, but he was overthrown and imprisoned by his son, Aurangzeb. In 2010, the project was revived. Now, it is almost complete. Soon, the remains of Shah Jahan will be transplanted from the Taj Mahal to the Taj Jahan. This will happen in just a few weeks, along with a massive celebration. Emperor Samarjit pondered his recent decision to petition the Happy People's Republic of China to relinquish Nepal and the Tibetan Plateau to the Bengali Raj. He believed that his decision was right, since the two regions rightfully belonged to India anyway.

I will be posting infrequently over the next couple of weeks, since I am separated from my computer. I apologize.

Today Alexander was feeling incredulously confidant. So today he would contact The other Volgasiatic [VoL-Gehy-Ae-zee-a-tic] nations. See how interested Armenia was in joining the state. Few could argue when a country with a rich people led by a highly competent government offered their hand for a Nation's union. But he would have to carefully weigh and play his words, lest the neighboring Georgia lose their rebellious minor-state. All of the Middle-East countries would watch with great anticipation; would they soon thereafter taste from the Slavic hand of abundance, or be scared off by Armenia in a withdrawl of interest. Kozlov hoped that would not be the case, because he had no close Allies which could help him in the case of invasion. Weigh and play his words carefully indeed.
I'll update a map as necessary.

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