World War Three: Global War simulator

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Chancellor Choi burst into the War Room, a discreet room in his home where he conducted the ploys of War.

"Mobilize the navy. Prep a landing force. Let's set our sights to the southeast. General Lee, get on the phone to Bairen. Ask him if he'd like Hokkaido and Tohoko as small gems. We will not be mocked anymore!"

Most people hated meetings. Being trapped in a room talking while you knew you could be out doing something interesting, something active.

Franz Archinard was one of those rare people who enjoyed meetings. Not because of some dullness of character or earnest, naive enthusiasm, but rather because the interaction between the people seated around the table fascinated him. There was the fat man trying to conceal his weight with an expertly cut suit, there was the stone-faced general who would rather be anywhere but here, there was the worried one with the briefcase and the continual fidgeting of his pen annoying everyone else in the room, and in the corner was the quiet woman in the severe dress trying to disguise her fatigue with coffee and vacant-eyed alertness. He knew them all like the back of his hand, knew how to pull on each set of strings and set them to dancing. He loved committees.

"The next item on the agenda," he said carefully, "is the request from the Schweizer Luftwaffe. I believe they want a few more jets to round out their arsenal."

"Put it to a vote," said the fat man. "That's what we have to do. You know that, Archinard."

"Of course," Archinard said, smiling and slotting the request form to the bottom of his stack of papers. The people would speak, and the motion would pass with 53% of the vote. He had already arranged it. He had only brought it up to gauge their reactions.

He loved it when things fell so neatly into place. Which brought him to the next matter...

"Gentlemen--and lady, please excuse me--now we must decide something of rather more importance," he said, putting on his soberest face. "What to do about the Slovakians and the Hungarians. Tensions are high at the moment, and I don't believe a war would benefit anyone."

You'd think that, wouldn't you?

The mechanisms of government turned over gently, not noticing Archinard ushering in his new age.


Country: Egyptoria(So what, I'm not feeling creative, you wanna fight about it?)
Government: Dictatorship
Name: Adofo Demoralias, Freedom King
Basic info:
Capital City: Cairo
Military: "450,000 active members", if needed, "around 15,500,000" are available.
Nuclear Program: Power only, no weapons, but a "large amount of conventional forces" and "Biological warfare programs."
Economy: "Strong"
History: Adofo was a highly ranked general in Egypt's army, who one day came across a text in a library about freedom. He began to think what his government gave it's people was not his definition of freedom. His definition of freedom happened to be him being the only one in charge.
He gained power through a violent coup, executing the leader of Egypt on live television. Nobody has had the courage to question his rule so far.
And so, Adofo has decided to use the war to his advantage and work with some then kill them later on.
That good?

Emperor Vercetti flicked of the television, the news report about the Egyptian leader had been on again. Of course his advisers had told him about it at once but it was something that had to be seen to be believed, and thankfully Adofo Demoralias had seen to that by broadcasting it.
It seemed pointless to invade Egypt now, not with a potential ally at its head, but the problem was that Vercetti had already ordered the massing of an invasion force in the south.

So, he decided the alter his plans, he was still looking at gaining a greater grip over the Mediterranean and he could not ignore the grand alliances that seemed to be forming around him.

Alliance Requests sent to:
The U S of A
Soviet States of Czechoslovakia
Egyptoria (with a promise to give military assistance to help the new dictator should he need any such assistance)

Actions: The preparation of aerial bombing over Tunisia. Bombing runs focused on the capital (Tunis) and the northern port of Bizerte. Forces to mass at Taranto Military shipyard in southern Italy in preparation of a full scale invasion of Tunisia.

Adofo had remodeled his throne room in the style of the ancient Pharaohs.
It seemed only fitting for him to take over the world in the style of kings.

A messenger scurried in, the large golden doors creaking slightly as they opened. He would have to have that fixed. With one wave of his hand, he summoned the messenger and had the man who had built the doors shot. The cleaners immediately began to mop up the blood.

The messenger kneeled at Adofo's feet.

"What is it, boy? Spit it out!"

"M'lord, the leader of Italy requests an Alliance!"

Stroking his lightly stubbled chin, Adofo considered this request. On one hand, Adofo held great contempt for all other countries, but Italy would give him an arm in Europe.
"tell this man I accept, and that in exchange for my help in his military ventures, I request that he help me take Libya."
If I am to take Libya, he thought, I shall need more troops.
"And boy, have someone get me some more troops.
Alliance Request accepted:
Actions: Mass tanks and 200,00 units at Libyan border as well as another 200,000 troops at port for a naval attack.


Soviet States of Czechoslovakia


"Emperor?" Chi Fu called out rushing in with the latest news. "Ah Chi Fu, you never cease to have reports ready when I am already busy," Bairen said, pausing Grand Theft Auto:Johannesburg to turn to his advisor. "What do you have for me today?" "Well, first Chancellor Choi is preparing to attack Japan and would like to know if you plan to follow through on your pledge of support, he is willing to give you Hokkaido as well as the Tohoku prefecture."

"Tell him to throw in Okinawa, and we'll have a deal." Bairen said. "I would like to have a naval base set up in the Pacific in case we need to go elsewhere, and Okinawa would be a fine place. Give him the support of all troops stationed north of Harbin, plus the Mongolian squadron, as well as 10 of our finest aircraft carriers. We don't need the navy yet, and I doubt the Russians will be trying anything through Siberia while they still have to deal with Rostovakia. If he includes Okinawa in the deal, I'll increase the troop ranks by 50% with the Beijing North squad."

"Very good sir." Chi Fu noted. "Also the Emperor from the Bengali Raj has checked in, he wants Nepal and Tibet as he believes they rightfully belong to the lands. It is a polite petition right now, but it may well escalate."

Bairen thought about this. The Raj was the most powerful opposition in the region right now, and he could not force an altercation right now, while he was set to take out one of the other top powers in Japan. But giving up land was not something he was willing to do, especially not Tibet. That was where he first gathered support for his coup.

"Tell Samarjit that I am willing to concede Nepal, if only for the fact that I am done with it right now, but I will not be relinquishing any of the SHPRC's original territory. Also let him know that in exchange for backing out of Kathmandu, I will be expecting a concession from him as well. I will be wanting him not to engage in any Eastward expansion right now, as I would like to build up Korea with some fresh land down there. I will be awaiting his reply." Chi Fu hurried out of the room to deliver these messages.

"Oh and Chi Fu?" Bairen asked one last time. "Tell the troops to put our invasion plans of Krygyzstan on hold, I would like to get to the south as fast as possible, so we're going to go for Myanmar instead. We don't need another crazy general running around in this world order."

"Yes sir!" Chi Fu said, saluting as he ran down the hall. Bairen turned back to his game. "Choi had better not let me down with his Japlan."

"Chancellor Choi."

Chancellor Choi looked up from Fallout 3 on his computer screen. "What is it General Lee?"

"Sorry sir. But China will pledge a quarter of a million troops."

"Hmm. That will do."

"Sir, they offer a quarter million more if you throw in Okinawa as one of their prizes."

"Hmm. Yes, that's fine. We only need the Northern areas for our planned invasion, so go ahead and give him Kyushu as well. Tell them to send 100,000 to Okinawa and focus the rest closer. Also, relay to New Ossetia to delay the Russians as well. If he does, I'll give hin Shikoku as a reward."

"Op-operation, sir?"

Looking down at his computer screen, Choi shot a communist in a stealth suit in a snowy climate. "Operation: Anchorage."

General Merone looked over the document from Italy. A proposed alliance? Hmmph. He already had a springboard in Europe, he didn't need another. He filed it into his outbox with the word DENIED stamped on it in large letters. He looked over the preliminary scouting reports of Mexico's military. They would almost certainly lose this war. Never the less, he still needed friendly nations on the other continents. He noticed that Egypt seemed to have an aggresive dictator. Good. He always liked a fellow expansionist. He filed an alliance request form and sent it off. He pulled another sheet of paper from his desk and filed another Alliance request form to China. If they combined their might, they could crush all other nations.

Damn, I leave for a couple days and this is what happens? Okay...

Oh and as far as time goes, each one of my posts means one week has gone by.

A long time ago, the UIC started bombing the French. The Germans move to aid them, concicuently declaring war on the British. The major western powers, otherwise engaged, ignore the Hungarian's plight. However, the Polish move in to help their Slavic brothers. The war in Europe is heating up.

The American invasion of Mexico is going as planned. The AMerican military made it within fifty miles of Mexico city before they were bogged down by heavy resistence. However, Aerial support that is being used to bombard the Mexican forces is meeting with little resistence and will overwhelm them soon if they are not reinforced.

The Venizualens, eager to fight with the United States, send ships loaded with reinforcemeants and equipment towards Mexico. It will arrive in a week.

((If I'm reading this right...)) The Lithuanian forces do not even open fire. The Latvian forces surrender to the Lithuanian forces. The governmeant pledges full loyalty to the Lithuanians, surrendering full political and military control.

The invasion of Myanmar goes well. The backwords, third world country falls quickly to China's coparatively superior forces.

Gorvin Olakav, leader of the GROCE, accepts the Italian treaty.

With great satisfaction the President watched the screen of the computer. The Latvians gave up without a fight. So much for their courage. With the USA as their ally, the President felt safe.

However, to the east he noticed a Soviet state growing. Reluctantly he understood that it would be an excellent ally. A few hours later, the message for an alliance was sent to Soviet North Ossetia.

The generals in his office paced. They had conquered one country, what now? All that's left to do is push on. The generals divided the force in two. 200,000 troops along with half the Latvian army (How many is that, anyway?) were placed along the border to fortify the nation against attack. With the nations joined together, and the population at a comfortable 6 million, more troops can be drafted.

An Ultimatum was sent to Estonia ordering it to surrender now, or face the consequences.

This is just getting going, but is it too late to join? This looks like fun.

Feel free to join

Adofo stroked his long black hair and hopped off of his throne as the messenger entered once again.

"What is it, boy?"

"Well sir, the Americans have requested an alliance between our two nations."
Adofo's eyes twinkled, the Americans wanted to ally, the Americans, who stood for freedom and righteousness!
"Tell the US I Accept the treaty! What other news do you bring, boy?"

"There has been no response from the Italians regarding your request for reinforcements in the battle of Libya, do you wish to mobilize without them?"
I'll need more troops here if I send them into Libya, but I do have many available, thought Adofo.
"Send them into Libya, tell the boats to sail there as well, we shall crush them! And have the army recruitment officers conscript another Million troops for security back here!"

And with that the messenger left.

Chancellor Choi strode into the War Room once again.

"General Lee, you keep working on Japan. Colonel Sung, Colonel Chang."

CC: "Yes, sir."
CS: "Yes, Sir."

"Get 3 aircraft carriers and an amphibious force of 400,000 men. Sail them south. Our goal is the Phillipines."

CC: "Sir!"
CS: "Yes, sir."

"Good. Captain Ryan."

Captain Ryan, a white American that has defected to New Korea, was the nations foremost spy.

"Sir, yes sir."

"Disguise yourself. Go into Anchorage. Find the Artillery, mark them, and deliver the coordinates to us. General Ren."

GR: "Sir."

"Prep a small force. 1,000. Go and make a run for the Near Islands. If we decide that Alaska is worth the price, I want a nearby base."

With that, the Chancellor strode out.

I can't post up a sheet right now, but you can be sure that Karl shall lead a German Republic to victory!

-Italy, New Roman Empire-

The Emperor cursed his generals incompetence, despite his demands the preparation for invasion into Tunisia was taking too long. "I dont care how, just see it done" bellowed Vercetti as he stalked the halls. He had been in a bad mood since he learned of the American refusal of an Alliance, as far as he was concerned the rest of the world no longer existed. His gaze was firmly on the Mediterranean.
He had received word that Egyptoria had begun the invasion of Libya. He had promised assistance so he ordered the preperation of a small army to assist the Egyptians in their invasion.

Good Gravy! You people are insane! Click for Larger, More Readable Version. Neutral Territorys are not absolute. Also, I will only be updating this once per day, given if I have the ability to do so.

And I accept another Alliance with USA. With all of the friendly Superpowers I'm gaining influence of, I don think any sane country would reject my initial friendly proposal of Expansion, therefore my country is losing almost all motive of war, except for providing foreign aid. Also, Rostovakia is still waiting for Georgia's response to assimilate or not.
Which I am okay with, I wouldn't mind just being a Middle Power that's everyone's friend. I could just.. covertly slither out of the RP and just supply the Map. With how fast this RP is going, it seems like a satisfactory positionation.

Colonel Chang: "What do you see?"
Colonel Sung: -hands Chang his binoculars- "I see Manila."
Colonel Chang: "You know what Chancellor said."
Colonel Sung: -takes the radio- "Do the run."

Daisy Cutter Bombs hit the capitol building of Manila. The main force hits and takes the city with ease. Now, the invasion force has to prepare for the counter attack.

General Merone did not like what the Koreans were doing. Japan was little too close for comfort. He sent off an email to his naval commanders to move 75% of the fleet to the West coast, especially Alaska. Shoot to kill any Korean ships or aircraft.

Country: The People's Democratic Republic Of Germania
Government: Dictatorship
Name: Karl Grimper
Basic info:
Capital City: "Berlin"
Military: "Around 300,000 in active service", "another 300,000 when needed." Air Force, Military, Navy, Medical Core, Joint Forces.
Economy: "Strong"
Nuclear Program : "moderately sized cache" "containing up to 276 weapons"
Secret weapon : Well, that'd be tellin', wouldn't it?
History: Karl was highly intelligent, and served as a major for his army during two separate tours of duty. Plenty of people acknowledged, that he wasn't a gifted soldier, but he was a good leader. It was three years later that he realised that power was inches from his grasp. He used his personal funds to pay for his own Private guard - The Krankenwagen Brigade. Comprised of almost 700 hundred devoted members, he put on a show of force in Berlin, and made a public announcement, surrounded by civilians and guardsmen alike. So charismatic was he, that it was less than a year later that he found himself running for control of the country. He won with 84% of the vote. It was then that he showed his true colours - some named him mad, others a genius. Whichever, his country loved him. He brought back to them a sense of power, and of dignity. Aided by his best friend, a psychologist (now tactician) named Hern. He rules with an iron fist, and his regime is brutal. Nobody has understood quite why the people still love him...

I want Australia. I will post a sheet later today.


I think that I was just offered alliance. I accept if that is the case, if not, then, I'll offer alliance to my neighbouring Euorpeans.

fish food carl, accepted

Tunisia is unprepared for the large force that invades it. They surrender within two days. '

The Libyans, on the opther hand, do not veiw Egypt as a threat. The two countrys violently clash, with high casulty rates, although the Egyptians are advancing slowly.

The Philipines surrender to the far superior Korean forces. The people however, are not to happy about the occupation. Insurgent fighting begins.

The VEnezuelans arrive in Mexico. The American forces advance another ten miles towards the capitol, though the increased enemy presense and mountanous terrain are working to the defending armys advantage.

The Estonians, seeing a trend that could wrok to their advanntage, join the Lithuanians as a "memeber state."

The near islands are not as undefended as the Koreans wished they were. The American forces easily destroy there small invasion force.

The French Air Force, in combination with the Germans (Germania was an NPC country "last turn")manages to fend of the UIC airforce.

Micronesia falls completly to the chinese. The countrys sad and downtrodden people veiw them as liberators.

The Chinese invasion of Japan is not unnoticed. The Japanese quickly call upon the Americans, Germans's French, Koreans, well, anyway you put it, anyone willing to help them. The Japenese ambasador goes up before the UN condemning the Chinese and requesting a trade embargo.

The Polish forces in Hungary, as well as the Hungarian forces, reach a stalemate with the GROCE and Slavokian forces.

EDIT: One last thing. While at school I am unable to veiw spoilers. So if you make an action, place it in roleplaying form as well. (I'm looking at you ARchemitis. I remember you did somthing bu tI can't remember what... Never mind, I'll edit this again at home.) And thank you again for making the maps. They make this game ten times easier to DM

EDIT2: The fiercly independent Georgians reect the proposal. They call upon the United States for peace keeping forces.


EDIT2: The fiercly independent Georgians reect the proposal. They call upon the United States for peace keeping forces.

Both Georgia and I are allied with the United States? I don't think anyone could help them, unless Turkey's not doing anything tonight.
Oh deuce, I forgot to say that I accepted the Alliance offer with General Merone.
Let me make my Political Statement clear
My Political doctrine is friendly for all nations at time of inception, except for Russia; it is more or less neutral to me as we are almost equal powers and they still rely on the resources I provide, but are a little -oft by my recent departure of the Federation.
To that end, I'm mostly either creating Enemies due to ignorant cultural angst, or making friends.

"I offered my hand and they spat in my face." Said Kozlov aloud, in front of his parliamentary assembly. "The Dogs think that the Americans will come to their aid, like in 2008." He chuckled. Some of the other ministers chortled with him.
"Gentlemen, Ladies, The time is now for our expansion! Whether other states like it or not. Rostovakia will have her Ossetian State, and her free will. And of this day, her will is to bring us swift victory, in the name of all of Slavic, Ossetian, Turk and Iranian alike, under the power of the Sickle, and the great Hammer." Declared Alexander, followed by thunderous applause.
The assembly departed, giving leave to Alexander to his War room.
"We will make a decisive strike on all of their military bases by Air, carpet and strategic bombing of T'Bilisi. Ground forces will depart from Sochi to push them from the North out to the coast, where we will bombard them by sea." Allocated the War Minister.
"What of Azerbaijan?"
"They pose little threat, as with Armenia. Turkey and Iran, should they choose to retaliate we will be able to hold off by sea, and we by the time they do if they do, we will have complete Air Superiority of the entire Casisan plain and both the Black and Caspian seas."
"Well, you're thinking if they retaliate. We could probably tantalize them with divisions of land along the coast. Iran has been eying Azerbaijan for many years."
"Too right. Premiere?"
"Most excellent plans, General. Make it that I have more good news to wake up to tomorrow." said Alexander to the group.

Large Mutli-Platform Assault of Georgia on all three of their major cities and the border.

"Chancellor Choi!"

"Hmm? What is it, I'm in the middle of a meeting."

"We have won the Phillipines!"

"Great. Pull 250,000 troops back."

"And the Near Islands... our 1,000 men... they were..."

"Mmm. Alright. Issue an apology with the U.S. Offer them 50 million for any damages. That was foolhardy of me."

Huh?: 250,000 troops pulled from Phillipines, apologetical statement issued to U.S.

Adofo slammed his hand down on the arm of his solid gold throne.

"The Libyans were more prepared then expected! Send in some bombers to hit their major cities! Conscript another million soldiers and send them in! Have half of the planes use their bomb dropping slots to spray the cities with Mustard Gas I WILL NOT BE PUSHED BACK! Oh, and have that other million we just conscripted stay and defend me!"

ACTIONS: Sent in Bombers to both bomb major Libyan cities and spray them with Mustard Gas. Conscripted another million soldiers and had the first million conscripts guard Cairo and sent the other million into the Libyan conflict.

Country: The Ukraine
Form of Government: Dictatorship
Your Name/Title: "God Amongst Men" Mieczyslaw Gross
Basic info:
Capitol: Kiev
Military Size: 149 thousand active troops. 3784 tanks.
Nuclear Weapons Program: Yes and very powerful
Economy: 33rd in the world
Secret Weapon: PMed
History: Mieczyslaw became the dictator in a non honorable ways. He lied, cheated, and murdered his way to the top letting nothing stop him for he knew that the Ukraine was not weak (Kudos to who gets my joke/reference) As he took control he immediately seized control over all important thing to the military, ready to invade. He was sick of people treating the Ukraine horribly and wanted the forces of the Ukraine to grow. Mieczyslaw admired what happened to America and knew it time perhaps the Ukraine could be as powerful. As invasions started forming around The Ukraine Mieczyslaw decided enough was enough. He informed the country that war was upon them and time was ready to go.

New Roman Empire.

Vercetti sat back, he was pleased. The invasion of Tunisia had gone well. It would prove a useful base for his activities in the medditeranean, however, he still needed to assist his egyptian allies in Libya.

Actions: 50'000 troops land in Tripoli and 50'000 troops advance over the border from Tunisia at Ghadamis.

Alliance with Germany accepted.

After he accepted the Alliance with Germany, the President felt pleased. With several world powers as their allies few countries will dare fight them.

With the Estonian military and conscripts, the army has now swelled to 550.000 soldiers, 70 tanks and 50 bombers and fighters. While it's true that this was still a quite small army, the soldiers were very determined.

The generals decided that before a further move was made, the entire country needs to be defended. 250.000 soldiers were spread out across the Lithuanian territory. Fortifications were also built, in case someone attacks.

In short: Build fortifications in the Baltic states. Accept alliance from Germany.

Spartan Bannana:
spray them with Mustard Gas.

That shouldn't get by a single country, due to going against the Geneva Conventions.


The map projected on the wall flickered and changed as new reports were recieved and added. Franz Archinard studied it intently from the other side of his desk.

"War, war, and more war," he muttered. "Everywhere you turn."

Excerpt from a public address by Councilman Archinard

"In these times of war and destruction, we would like to think that the Swiss Confederacy can remain a friend to all nations. We would like to believe that our common humanity would allow us to work together to resolve our differences. We would like to think that the light of reason can drive out the shadows of war. It seems this is not the case."

"What is happening around the world, from Mexico to Japan, from the Sahara Desert to unnamed islands in the Pacific, is nothing less than the next world war. A time of sword and gun is upon us, though we but wish for peace."

"In these times of crisis, all we can do is hope that we have learned from our mistakes. To that end, Switzerland will offer the hand of friendship to all nations, be they large or small. We will bring food, medicine, and clean water. And if need be we will bring protection, and do all that is in our power to keep what is left of a shattered peace."

"Thank you, and good night."

End of excerpt

Offer aid and support to nations in turmoil.
Attempt to get more citizens to volunteer for the Armed Service in order to supply that aid. (this is beyond usual conscription)

"Chancellor Choi!"

"Again, messenger? What now, can't you see that I'm trying to contact Gabe Newell? He revocered the isotrope!"

"The Egyptians just violated the Geneva Conventions! They sprayed Mustard Gas on Libya!"

"...What do we risk if we... attack Egypt to make them pay for harming Libya?"

"Total war with Italy and the U.S."

"I see... send a message to both countries. Request they embargo or declare war on Egypt for their complete ignorance of Geneva. If they decide not to, storm the Italian Embassy and torture the diplomat as a warning."

Actions: Sent request to embargo or declare war on Egypt to U.S., UIC. Threatened Italy with the torture of their diplomats if they do not concede.

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