World War Three: Global War simulator

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At mid day Mieczyslaw had millions of people listening to him. People outside his palace and so much more. This speech would be broadcasted throughout the country through Radio and TV. Everyone would know what he was about to say.

"My people! My glorious people! War is upon us! Countries around us are being invaded and taken! We must act to live! We must fight to survive! That is why, I want 574500 of our finest god damn troops to get ready! I want 750 of our finest tanks to get ready! We will march on our enemies and crush their skulls with our boots! Blood will not spill on our soil! We will march through Poland, and Germany, to reach the United Kingdom and we will crush their cities and claim it in the name of The Ukraine! I want everyone remaining to get ready to play defense! My people! My glorious people! War! Is! Here!"

Action: Get 574500 soldiers and 750 tanks marching in the direction of the United Kingdom so that we can invade and take over their soil.

Emperor Bairen lounged out on his balcony, enjoying a fine cigar out of a pack sent by the Castros. He would have to remember to send them some Tea, or some "Tongues of Frog." His tranquility was disturbed when Chi Fu came running in. "Your excellency! Where have you been?" he asked, out of breath.

"I was taking a small trip through the Shaanxi District, just to see how plans for a new military command post in Xi'an are going. I didn't feel the need to tell you, becuase, well, I didn't want to really. Anyway, what is going on Chi Fu?"

"Well first, the Japanese attack was successful, they completely reverted to your power, however the Koreans are not happy about this." he reported.

Bairen was a bit surprised Japan was completely unprepared for an attack, and that they fell so quickly, but he did not want to risk alienating the Koreans. "Cede Honshu to the Koreans, Chi Fu. That was the main prize they wanted and they shall have it. I will retain possession of Hokkaido, Shikoku and Kyushu, as well as Okinawa. I'm sure a trade of Tohoku for Shikoku will be acceptable."

"Very good sir. Second the Myanmar invasion was a complete success and the people have fully embraced Chinese rule. It was such a success that we got word that Micronesia has ceded power to us as well."

"Micronesia? What really? Your kidding!" Bairen stated. "See for yourself, sir." Chi Fu replied, showing him the Treaty of Palikir, giving all Micronesia territory to China. "An added bonus, excellent. Now we have ample island bases for any naval combat in the Pacific, good work Chi Fu."

"Thank you sir, now what do we do about the growing crisis in Libya? Egypt is facing mass sanctions, and Germany is uniting Europe against them."

"Blast the Pharaoh's hide! What was he thinking with mustard gas? That hasn't been used since Dieppe, and we all know what happened after the Germans trotted that out. Sigh, hold tight for now, I want to focus on our own region at the moment. Now that Myanmar is successfully in the fold, it should be easy to grab Laos if we want it. I want to give the Koreans the first option of going for Vietnam. Return all but 25,000 troops from Myanmar, and then send 75,000 new troops from the South, as well as 15% of the fighter plans in for an assault on Vientiane. Laos should not be able to hold out for long."

"Excellent, sir. I'll get the Generals on it right away." Chi Fu sprinted out of the room.

"Wow, Micronesia just surrendered. I hope all the conquests go that easy." Bairen said taking one long last puff before putting out his cigar and returning to his quarters.

Wearily, Karl read the action reports. He saw that every day, more of the Ukrainian Military was passing through Germany.

Klaus chipped in, "With all due respect sir, you gave them your word. They are about to enter a dominant world country, and need support. What would you have me do?"

Karl sighed, sadly, as he made up his mind - "Call for a vote of the Grand European Alliance. They shall decide my actions."

Call to all members of the GEA, will you, we, be supporting Ukraine in this maneuvre?

Mieczyslaw sat in his office, enjoying the events to come when his secretary buzzed him.
"Sir Germany is calling a meeting with all of the GEA asking if they will support your invasion. What do you have to say?" she asked him.

"Tell them that I only need the help of Germany, and everyone else doesn't have to aid us, that all I ask from everyone else is to silently support us and not interfere. The United Kingdom is not part of the GEA so I am not breaking any alliances."

"Chancellor Choi. Sorry to interrupt."

Chancellor Choi looked down at his map. "I called you, General Lee. I want you to lead a task force to Melanesia. If Australia rejects our peace offerings, I want a base to them. Besides, we will want to have a springboard to Chile and Peru. Move our nation to where there is more room."

"Cancellor, We also got the Island of Honshu from the Chinese."

"Very good, very good. That is all."

Actions: Invade Melanesia, accept Honshu.

Karl made up his mind. "Germany shall aid the invasion, by ferrying Ukrainian troops across the North Sea, and English Channel, but German forces will not make any hostile advance towards any members of the United Kingdom. However, at the bequest of the GEA, we shall not grant full control of the UK to Ukraine. Pooled GEA funding shall claim 20% of any profit gleaned by Ukraine. At twelve major strategic points, borders and coastlines, GEA outposts shall be positioned, complete with complement of military, naval and even air support. All nuclear facilities are to be seized, and disarmed. These precautions are for the safety of the GEA itself. Ukraine, are you in agreement of these terms?"

The New Roman Empire will provide long range bombing assistance to the invasion with a secondary force of 100'000 ready to advance to the Channel. I am assuming that France is alright with us using them as a spring board into the UIC?

Sparten, you may re roll. Of course, Canada may not be the best choice, as a highly expansionist USA is to your south. As for my DM post, I'll give all of you one more day. And neo, no prob. I gave you Myanmar because it is practically worthless. Same with micronesia.

After hearing Karl's proposal Mieczyslaw was outraged. "This is blasphemy! Tell Karl that I am not trying to be an ass but if it is MY troops and MY men who will fight and die, then I want full control. I am fine with giving 20% of the profits. Shit I'm fine with giving 25% of the profits, but some of these requests are an insult to me. I will have full control of the UK. You wish to also take the nukes. I agree for the disarming of the nukes, but if I must disarm all of my nukes then I want Germany and everyone else who thinks this to disarm their nukes too! Who the hell else agrees with this!?"

Country: People's Republic of Oceania (New Zealand)
Form of Government: Dictatorship
Your Name/Title: Councillor Osterman
Military size:'20,000 active personel'
Nuclear Weapons Program:None
Secret Weapon:If I told you it wouldn't be a secret, now would it...
History: Originally colonized by Polonesian explorers, New Zealand was discovered by Europeans in the late 1600s. Through a series of events, New Zealand eventually became an independent nation in the mid 1800s. Fast forward a couple hundered years,
when a violent coup was staged. A group of radicals called the Blade of Oceania captured the New Zealand government, lead by ex-General Jon Osterman.

Councillor Osterman sits in his office before activating the intercom
"Send diplomats to America and Germany to attempt to negotiate an alliance."
"Oh, and Private?"
"What is the status of Project:BIrRaS?"
"Pistol rounds have been issued to troops, rifle ammunition will soon be put into standard issue, and the .50 cal turret is to be tested later today. Sir."

Country: Northern Union(Canada)
Form of Government: Dictatorship
Your Name/Title: High Commander Jeff Slezoik
Basic info: Capitol: "Toronto"
Military Size: "62,000 Active members, 15,885,472 available for conscription."
Economy: "9th in the world"
Nuclear Weapons: None
Secret Weapon: Shhhhh, it's a secret.
History: Jeff Slezoik was mad. Unsatisfied with his government's timid approach to war and politics, he decided something needed to be done. First he went through all proper channels, but when that was too slow, the daring young politician ran for President during the next election. His natural charisma took him far in the election, and he won in a blowout. The first thing he did after election was begin producing propaganda, soon, his entire country was in a state of ignorant bliss, thinking they lived in a fair, free democracy, when in reality they lived in a dictatorship. Slezoik created a counsel made of men with good reputations whom he had under his thumb, to create the illusion of group decision. All protesters were quickly and quietly silenced, without the general populous knowing anything. He then began a secret nuclear program in an underground base, alongside conscripting another million soldiers from different areas of the country so that it was not noticed. Noticing the Americans to south entering a war, he quickly allied himself with them, and entered the fray.

So, the newly begun construction of Nuclear weapons will take a while, so I won't be using a nuke anytime soon. The million new soldiers are still being trained at the moment and will be for another, say, 8 weeks or so.

"Send an alliance request to Canada. And send a message to Germany and the rest of the GEA"

Message Reads As
Karl's request is blasphemy! If MY troops and MY men who will fight and die, then I want full control. I am fine with giving 20% of the profits. Shit I'm fine with giving 25% of the profits, but some of these requests are an insult to me. I will have full control of the UK. You wish to also take the nukes. I agree for the disarming of the nukes, but if I must disarm all of my nukes then I want Germany and the rest of the GEA that I will disarm the UK's nukes if the rest of the GEA disarms their nukes for The Ukraine's "safety"

We do not ask you to disarm all of your nuclear facilities, merely the ones that you will capture from the UIC. Your own shall remain untouched. And the whole country will be yours, but with GEA outposts dotted around.

No. I will keep the ones I get from the UK. It is that simple. And where would the outposts be?

This is so confusing.
I don;t think I can manage doing maps if areas fluctuate this much in the period of one day. That with the fact that apparently every single human being that can attach to their title "Politics" is a rabid bloodthirsty mass murderer without morals save for the Geneva Convention, and NPC nations are at war at which I am unaware if I am supposed to make it seem so.

You guys are not making it easily to simplify, ha ha. I hope the war ends soon.


Hehe. I tried doing this without a map. Talk about confuseing.

When will the invasion of the UK start Guv.?

Tomorrow, just like everything else. I'm watchin ma superbowl. And I need to re read everything. This game can be damn confuseing.

High Commander Jeff Sleozik's phone rang, a Ukrainian Ambassador was asking him for an alliance.
Might as well, no need to get unduly uppity so early on.(Cough)

"I accept" Sleozik said, his cold voice emotionless and monotone.

He already had a de facto alliance with the united states, might as well make it official, he thought, telling his assistant to request official alliance with the US of A.

No. I will keep the ones I get from the UK. It is that simple. And where would the outposts be?

The GEA begs you to reconsider, before you place us in a compromising position. Would you be willing to keep the launch codes in the neutral grounds at the GEA Centre in Munich? Where you can access them at any time the GEA approves of your usage of nuclear weaponry? And the outposts would be at strategic places around the country - near the end of the Channel Tunnel, on the borders between Scotland, England and Wales to name a few. Just to watch import/export/troop movement.

So I can have the launch codes and in theory be able to launch them at anytime...?

Also I do not want GEA outposts in my country.

So I can have the launch codes and in theory be able to launch them at anytime...?

Also I do not want GEA outposts in my country.

Well, were you to say "I'm going to nuke the world!" then there's a decent chance that the GEA representatives would vote no, but were you use them as, say, a retaliatory action to some particularly brutal attack on you from some other country, then in all probability, we would say yes. Plus, the GEA outposts aren't so much there to monitor you, or your troops, but in case of invasion, the GEA will have literally instant warning. If you would like, you could choose the positions of them.

Alliance from Canada accepted by Germany. Proposed alliance with America (from Germany, not the GEA).

General Merone smiled. He rarely smiled unles he was in the garden, and current international affairs had kept him out of their as of late. The GEA's leader had sent him a request for an alliance. This meant good things, although it did not entirely pacify the GEA in his view. Canada had also sent him a formal alliance request. He stamped them both with approved, and sent them back, with the Canadian one with a letter attached.


Commander Sleozik
If we are to be allies, our close proximity means you are in a unique position to supply me with aid. I would ask that you dedicate as many troops as you see fit to my war effort in Mexico, and you shall gain 25% of the landmass on the western coast. Do you agree to these terms?

Summary: Accepted both alliance requests, asked for troop support in Mexico from Canada, in exchange for 25% of the western landmass of Mexico.

I withdraw 10% of the air force from Poland, and send off 70% of my Luftwaffe to be commanded by General Merone in his efforts against those evil Mexicans.

Carl, I never sent you an alliance request.

Sleozik opened a letter given to him by his page, the crunch of the paper echoing loudly in the stark, modern design of his office.

Narrowing his eyes, he dictated a response to his secretary.

General Merone,
While your offer of land is very tantalizing, the prospect of aiding you is a difficult one.
I have but 62,000 soldiers under my command as of this writing, so I would not care to divert any from the defense of my lands.
However, as I am not being attacked, I shall send you 30,000 soldiers, 100 tanks, and 50 bombers IF you agree to send me 10,000 soldiers of your own to Toronto, just in case.

For now, you shall receiver a stipend of 10,000 soldiers of my own, the other 20,000 will arrive promptly after I have your answer.

High Commander Sleozik of the Northern Union.

Sent a reply to the USA, along with 10,000 troops to the Mexican Conflict.

Oh, my bad. I meant the alliance request sent by Birras.

I do not want outposts in my country and I want to keep the nukes in my country.

Well, the nukes themselves would remain in the UIC territory. The outposts were there for simple security, and if you wish, they will be removed from the table, but the conditions regarding the nuclear weapons are non-negotiable. We strongly advise you to accept the deal, and place the launch codes on neutral ground.

What happens if I don't accept the deal on the nuclear weapons? This sounds like a threat? And why the hell must I get rid of my nukes? Are you telling me that once Germany takes a country that they will put all their nukes in neutral ground? And where is this neutral area?

What happens if I don't accept the deal on the nuclear weapons? This sounds like a threat? And why the hell must I get rid of my nukes? Are you telling me that once Germany takes a country that they will put all their nukes in neutral ground? And where is this neutral area?

The neutral area is the GEA Centre in Munich. And I'm not asking to put the missiles in neutral ground! Just the numbers that allow you to unleash devastating nuclear war. And, yes, I will place the control of any nuclear facilities I gain into the hands of my trusted fellow GEA members. We merely request that you do, for mutual safety. The control of that many nuclear weapons arouses concern within the GEA, and we ask you as a sign of good faith and trust.

I hope that this is not a threat, and that you are a loyal ally to us in the GEA. If not, and you refuse our request, then our combined countries will be in very much less trust of you, and aid will be a rarity. In addition, if decided upon, and you are downright against any interference from the GEA in the territory you are about to gain, then we must consider you a potentially hostile, and danger to the group, and you will be dealt with harshly. We urge you to remain our friend and colleague, as it would be a great pity to lose the Ukraine from our tight-knit group. Please, leader of our ally, the Ukraine, we just ask you to show your value as a friend to the GEA as a whole.

Okay. So what if I want to use the warheads? How would I use them if you have the codes? And the GEA is in Germany what is stopping Germany from using them for their own advantage? My main question and concern though is how/when would I be able to use them and what is stopping anyone else from using them?

I swear that Germany would not harm, or misuse any person, item or object placed in the GEA Centre. Of that you have my sincere and solemn promise. Especially as the centre is largely filled with military from the respective members of the GEA.

If you desired to use them, you need but inform us and we would collaborate and decide if the need for nuclear warfare was necessary. Were you to demand , against our advice, that you use them, then I personally would not stop you, although a certain loss of trust may occur.

You could use them whenever you wanted, but you would just have to consult the GEA first, so as to make sure that you don't do something that could harm the organisation as a group. And nobody else could use them, because even if they knew the codes they would still have to force their way into the nuclear facility!

Okay but I would be able to use them at any time even if you and the GEA don't want me to? Okay if that is the case then I agree with your terms. I'm not trying to be difficult, these are just safety precautions for the Ukraine. As long as could use them at anytime even if the GEA disagrees with my decision then I agree the GEA terms, but again I do not want outposts in the UK.


Guvnorium I still am continuing the invasion/attack of the UK with the same amount of Tanks and Troops I posted above

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