Search your username, and what comes up?

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I get accounts on WarCry. Weird as I've never visited the WarCry site... ever. 0_o

I get accounts on WarCry. Weird as I've never visited the WarCry site... ever. 0_o

your escapist account works on warcry and afiliates.

its really scary i mean theres nearly everything abuot me there. warcry, escapist, old skilling clan for runescape etc.

Lets see... Knight Rider, Knight Rider, my steam community page, an ad for a 1950s tube radio and John and James Knight Save the Radio Foundation.

I get my friend's Gaia Online profile.
Hadn't realized she mentioned me so much in it. o_o;;

You know, half of everyone I know says I should deck out my wheelchair. Common suggestions include spinners, hydraulics, gold-plated frame, boombox, nitro, diamond-encrusted rims, etc etc....

...I think I'll pass. My throne needs no flashy gemstones or pseudo-grandeur.

Huzzah for Google. Of the 15.5 million (!) responses that came up for me (of which only the first 22 are relevant, apparently. The rest are omitted) I think only the 'blogspot' wasn't me, and yet it was done exactly as I would do it. That is, of course, exactly one blog and it's never touched again. Several of the relevant sites frightened me at first, but turned out to be part of the Warcry network (it's bigger than I thought), so it's okay.

As for my actual name, nothing came up even remotely me, and that's just the way I like it.

[EDIT] Come to think of it, none of the results (outside of that blogspot guy who isn't me) came outside the Warcry network, and I use this name everywhere. I'm not sure what to make of that.

[SECOND EDIT] Correction, outside of Warcry network and, but still, the point stands.

[THIRD EDIT] Now, 'image results' turned up my original avatar, and aside from a few random hits leading to thatguy, almost all others led here. Obviously Google isn't searching hard enough.

content deleted by user

The third link in google is my Warcry/Escapist account.


Fire Daemon:, the coolest fucking website there is.


Want to download my 30 day free trial?

First gaming related site listed was:

Other than that it's just a bunch of definitions, game sites, pages about the movie of the same name, and a blog or two.

The image search is a lot better... if you like pathetic cosplay nerds...

A sign that says 'Don't hit kids. No, seriously, they have guns now."

Lets see.. google brings up a youtube profile, and the second entry is a youtube video of a raving penguin (I love that video)

The first two are youtube videos, both video game related strangely enough.
Then it's my Warcry profile (escapist profile nowhere to be seen)
After that it's some myspace site of a guy with a beret, before finally some links to a thread on the escapist I've made (but not, oddly enough, my actual profile) and then my (relatively unused) deviantart account.

I went as far as page ten, no sign of my escapist account.

Were I feeling like being an asshat, I would say

The Iron Ninja as an asshat:
Perhaps you should have done a little searching here on the glorious all knowing escapist first!
This topic has been done already!
*froths at the mouth, then vomits in a fashion that suggests anger towards miss-use of the almighty search button*

But as I said, that would have been an exercise in asshattery.
And in any case, I doubt the search button would have found the original anyway.

Some randoms myspace page featuring flames! Seriously this guy thinks hes so cool he's made the background to his myspace page flames! How lame is that?

Also I didn't realize mcgooch was actually a last name. It's just a joke name my mates cool me (inside joke not going to explain it).

Not the right spelling exactly, but found it kinda of cool that there was a yacht named this

otherwise Google just shows all my other profiles on various sites from the years.

A number of sites inwhich I have joined pop up.

CalleX footbalm ...

CalleX Ointment thins and softens hardened skin and exfoliates dry, cracked heels. Its patented, natural enzymes selectively exfoliate only dry, cracked, thickened and scaly skin while its petrolatum base retains natural
skin moisture.

Goddamn you Xenna Corporation -,-

Hm... googling my name results in a deleted blog, shortly followed by my profile.

I hate you Wikipedia.

a dune fan lol nice
but mine jus shows warcry and a toshiba laptop forum i posted on


I don't think I even have to go to Google to know what mine is. Some singer guy that thinks he's me.
A store that sells kite boards, and it's a German one at that, at least I think it's German :/

the rest is myspace pages (not mine), ads on boathouses, various Wikipedia pages and sites with languages that I don't understand.

I get my Newgrounds, Kongregate and Warcry? account.
Plus this one!

I also get my WoW character but oh well.

Hmm, the first link goes to a blog where someone wrote a poem with Sanomaton as the title and other links are pretty much online dictionaries that translate my name to English.

I put in Chumpzilla_69 and all that cam up was a picture of an Atari logo, and some comunist propaganda

putting in my real name and aparently i play improv music with J.P Jenkins and i own a dallas real estate company
who knew

the only thing that came up was my exact profile on some site called the evening prophet and another site called razorwire whatever those are

Holy crap! 2,640,000,000 search results for Gooble, including 'Gooble Warming' an alternative lifestyle store, creative and psychedelic arts community based in Brisbane, Australia, and the Gooble family history...

And according to Urban Dictionary it means either:

A small child, older than a toddler but not quite yet civilized
Someone who uses a lot of curse words and talks about gross things
Unidentified substance, object, smell, ect.

Seems to all fit surprisingly well...

My profile...on deviantart...and dragonadopters...speaking of which, I think my dragon may or may not be dead by now...also some posts I made here.

Apparently, I'm quite unique!
All of those are either profiles or threads I've posted on.

My profile here, for starters.

202.000.000 Results.
51.900 results for "Escapist Combined".
17.300 results for "Escapist Profile Combined".
6.930 results for "The Escapist Profile Combined".

My profile is not listed as a first result in any of those.

Apparently, someone decided to name their insurance agency after me! They must be providing combine "insurance". You know. The one where we break someone's legs if they do something bad. Heh heh heh.

And this is kinda funny. "Honestly officer. I didn't see that liver anywhere."

Spartan Bannana:
Apparently, I'm quite unique!
All of those are either profiles or threads I've posted on.

Me too.

I get like six WarCry network profiles, one Escapist thread, and all the rest are WarCry threads.

Except one, NaotaFLCL's profile, posts section, where he mentions my name in a post.


I get an Urban Dictionary definition for "Srsly". Haha.

Srsly: Srsly is internet shorthand for seriously. <- No shit?

Whoah, srsly Srsly? Sorry...

Anyways, apparently someone stole my name and made a speaker company out of it. Damn being too young to register copyright...

Woah, srsly? I would never have guessed. <3
Yeah, I really don't like the whole company aspect. Makes me feel as if you're bought or something. x)

I get a war cry profile. But I've never been on Warcry, and don't know what it is. I'm going to investigate further and find out if there's been some character defamation!

EDIT: *Gasps in shock!*

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