Search your username, and what comes up?

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*Ultrastares Upwards*

EDIT: Damn, triple ninjad with my attempt at forum wit. My intent was to fix Uberjoe with an ultrstare of surprise. I have failed.

Nevermind, i've seen Uberjoe before but have never been in a thread with him so i could play on the similarity for humor or drama, and then when I am I go and ruin my chance. Carry on with thread.

Did you call my name, sir?

Why yes good sir, always nice to meet a fellow joe. This brings the Escapists count of '[X]joe' members up to 5! 2, if you don't count the various damn-fool names i call myself on occasion.

Like i said, i have seen you before but given our posts were side by side the temptation to comment was irrestsitable. A belated welcome to the escapist, in any case.

Why, thank you your excellence. Nice to be here.

Google images turned up three results about posts by me here on The Escapist, the rest was random stuff with either the word 'Emperor' or 'Inferno' in it. Sometimes these images actually were of an Emperor or fire.

a Insane Clown Posse album

I get a lot of stuff related to my escapist account which also gives my name.
I get more personal information about me than if I typed in my actual name.

Mainly my various accounts, but there's also a Bengali movie from 1955.

My profile at Popmatters, followed by my blog. That bastard Jimmy Stewart is always lurking though. Me and imdb have been in an ongoing war to be the primary tag for L.B. Jeffries ever since I made this my pseudonym.

The old bastard can move links, I'll give him that.

no warcry just a million pages on some crappy poem lol

Click On

It asks if I meant "Lagermeister", which is a mineral-oil based lithium soap.
Apparently it's a lubricant...
...No, not THAT kind of lubricant!

Um, the monopoly guy, from Monopoly.
Curse my lack of originality.


Apparently I'm Ron Glass. Which is pretty cool all things considered.

Images turns 90% of the images I've posted on this website/WarCry.

Well this wasn't too exciting.

Web search turned up accounts i have on other sites.

Image search turned up image links I have made on this site.

*is sad*

953 results, all having to do with me. All but one were from the Escapist or Warcry.

The top one on the list is from the Diplomacy game I'm running. Interesting.

Only my accounts on warcry and the escapist came up. I guess my name is pretty specific.

Apparently I'm a DVD.

That's All I got for five pages, besides my own youtube channel.

doop doop doop doop doop

First thing I get is my profile on here, then a Kingdom Hearts thing, (God I hate you Xion...) then a whole bunch of Roman Numeral stuff.


I get the account I made on here, Roosterteeth, G4, and Youtube. Then when I looked at images the first one was my old avatar that I changed 2 days ago.

content deleted by user

First is my Xbox Live profile, then a link to a military forum profile who shares my username (apparently I'm a Platoon Daddy whatever that means and also a Conservative lolz) and then my profile on another forum that I'm registered on. The Escapist is fourth.

On images, it shows a bunch of pictures that I've linked to on various forums.

And videos is a bunch of Korean nonsense (I think it's Korean but I dunno all Asian stuff looks the same to me /notracist).

First two results off Google.

Ashley (Eclpsedragon) on The Escapist
Eclpsedragon on deviantART

All me.
Do I win?

The rest are people from other sites who share my username, or something similar to it, but spelled properly.

Just under 20,000 results. A bunch of random crap and imposters before my Escapist profile pops up on the third page.

First image on Google


It's somewhat of a story...

My account here? After that my old twitter account. Why is that still up, I remember erasing that.

All the profiles I have using this name, it's a pretty uncommon name.

Shopping results for cool sunglasses, awesome!

Copper Nerves, the certified rewiring manual, not bad.

First image is to do with some NASA project for Space Transport, also awesome.

I'd have thought at least something steampunk would've come up, or robotic, but oh well.

So yeah, my persona is some guy with cool sun glasses who replaces wires in Space Transport Systems.

An island with webcams. :D

Padwolf publishing (never knew that existed. Weird as I want to go into publishing) My escapist account, my league of legends account and my steam account.

Huh all I get is, well, me. My Steam profile, Escapist, Youtube, Desura, even my Warcry account. Apparently I'm the only Andrewtheeviscerator on the internet, that makes me feel special.

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