Why did you kill the above avatar?

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Very simple game. why did you kill the person who posted above you?

The beast was blocking my meticulously orchestrated pincer movement.

I wanted his hat

For dinner

I just couldn't bear to look at it anymore.

She was always a downer.

Excessive spikiness.

He was in every game thread and I need to stop him

I want to make 1000 dino skin boots

I'm sorry, he was just so small. I didn't know he was under my foot

The NKVD had their name on a list.

He was in the way.

Why? just look at that hair!

Comrade Chuikov demanded it.

I missed the other guy.

I didn't even have to. He was already well on his way.

She was eyeing my cocktail.

I wanted his hat

For making test donations.

He missed his quota of mod actions

For rebel sympathies.

I was being mind controlled by an evil wizard. Now that SOB has a raging dragon on his hands. HE WILL BURN!

I just didn't like his warty face.

For playing with the armoury.

He was a traitor to Stalin

Its Tuesday and Tuesday is my murdering day.

He stood between me and level three.

My soul screamed for it.

Because of Quantum.

He had some delicious bacon and wouldn't share

He was rolling through the wrong steppe.

He lied about having cake

He baked a bad baklava.

He played the balalaika out of tune

He attempted to bolster the ballet budget. Bah. Brave, but brazen and brash.

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