Why did you kill the above avatar?

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distributing porn to the inner city without going through the proper channels!

And I can't let either of you tell of my secret.

Made a "reaction video" to my motivational speech.

Tried to organise an orgy with Raiden.

Didn't specify which Raiden, the magic lightning ninja or the pansy-ass child soldier?

It was a mercy compared to the wrath of a cyborg-ninja flip out.

You gladly bought new copies of Konami games when you KNEW what they did to their employees.

Was somehow better dressed than me.

He stole my pants!

Said I shouldn't have a mullet.

He dissed Mosins.

Knows my special "fun times" nickname.

Compromised the secret weapons programme.

Modernized the Edwardian hall classics.

He put pizza in the machiiiiiiiiiine!

It's called a microwave, Barbas. It makes the pizza better and I need to protect my people from your raw-food ways.

Because he builds legos

You're too anti-intellectual to live if you think that's a capital offense.

He dismantled a tank!

He was in the wrong tier.

Spammed the servers with Trixie Tang pornography.

He crashed my dune buggy.

He put the spice Melange in the Colonel's cappuccino.

He gave all the minges mange.

You just happened to be apart of that world I killed.

He wouldn't direct me to someone who could show me what love is.

It's too late now to realize that the secret was within you all along.

I asked if he spoke my language and he gave me a vegemite sandwich.

If you can't appreciate the cuisine of my people, I'm afraid I have no use for you.

He wouldn't beat it.

He was insulting the local octodog population.

I can't have you coddling octodog feelings!

He crashed Air Force Two into the gold mine.

And when every witness is dead, there will be no more gold.

Everywhere he went he bought an annoying canned laughter with him.

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