Why did you kill the above avatar?

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There's no cure for auditory hallucinations, might as well put you out of your misery.

He was a spy for SPECTRE.

Friday is murder day.

He let off some grenades for a laugh.

He was a spy for SPECTRE.

How did you know that I was anything more than Toe Cutter in my youth?! I can't allow this secret to get out!

He mocked my custom Big Trouble in Little China T-shirt.

Haven't you noticed? Shirts are forbidden around here!

Said the 80s are overrated.

I swear, if hear the name "Molly Ringworm" one more time, your Space Marine pals will mistake you for a broken Transformer.

He was getting up to all kinds of shenanigans with the secret project.

You didn't notice that I mis-remembered Molly's name out of hatred for whatever that damn movie was.

He wouldn't click his heels when hailing the Emperor.

He was a bit too Prussian.

I wanted to go to Miami and he took us to Margate.

You dare conquer my allies in Bullet Town? I'll have your everything for that!

He was a satirist.

He took my favourite seaplane.

Killing him was worth 30G/Silver trophy.

He wanted to put Irnskar in power.

He was performing surgery with kitchen utensils and didn't clean them afterwards.

I admit, I'm the type to shoot the messenger.

He kept ruining the best set-piece.

He's a necromonger, right? All his stuff is now mine.

He tried to get to the Gunsway treasure before me.

He wasn't singing.

He had contracted Tuurngait.

Because his name sounds worst.

Says the fan-fiction character.

They were involved in the smuggling of alien artefacts.

Played a prank on everyone in the halls using Bazookoid heat-seekers.

They were involved in the smuggling of alien artefacts.

I can't have my favorite business partner misspelling "artifacts".

I can't have my favorite business partner misspelling "artifacts".



OT: Unlicensed archaeology.

He found my killswitch.

Ooh, kill-switch!

He violated Space Corps Directive 8722/J. "Flatulence is not a socially acceptable means of communication, unless dealing with a 'Class G' species".

I mean, 8722/K, "Breaking the light barrier without warning or proper procedure can lead to destruction of vessel and death of personnel".

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