Why did you kill the above avatar?

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he pissed off my pet dragon.

If your dragon has anger management problems, I'll take him off your hands for you...by force.

He was insulting Augs, the filthy luddite.

I'll have you know my most trusted Imperator is an aug, you slanderous butt!

He spat on my autographed copy of My Incredible Career by A.J. Rimmer.

He tried to get a Russian version of World of Warcraft on Steam.

He was insulting my intelligence with made-up Latin.

It was a religious war.

He spilt Chicken Vindaloo on the console.

He put spaghetti in the VCR!

Refused to be in the Bukkake shoot.

Holy shit, Ultradeth, refusal to partake in sexual acts is NOT an acceptable reason to kill! Rest assured, I'll flip the switch myself.

Stole the key to Shambala.

Sabotaged the Neptune mission.

He wouldn't let me go to Hollywood.

He was chanting to Mephala.

He wasn't dope.

He was rearranging the letters on the message board into dirty limericks.

Such a rune and any like it are obviously propaganda against me and must be erased.

Was going to throw out all my Spanish wines.

Tried to erect a statue to Mario.

He insisted on acting streetwise in the Officer's Ball.

He kicked the officer's balls.

For driving a customized motorcycle indoors.

For striving to categorize all the different birds in the world.

For looking like he just woke up in the tub for my Knighthood.

For getting so drunk he attempted to knight a bathtub full of beans.

He wouldn't tell me where Libertalia is.

He was related to Tony Blair.

He stole my crotchetizer.

He tried to tear up my patio.

He smelt of Brazil.

He was bashing the bishop.

For using bogan talk over the P.A.

For trying to finance another Happy Gilmore film.

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