Why did you kill the above avatar?

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He failed to attend 3 performances of Boris Godunov. Silly twisted boy

He attempted to undermine Stavka.

He shot all the members of Stavka

He out-'stached high command.

She stole my coffee!

Deep and important prophecy.

He ran away at the Battle of Stalingrad when you ran out of ammo and 50 tanks were pointing their guns at him, crowed

For not drinking tea

For hurting Mr Snake.

For rightist deviations

For not visiting DeviantArt more often.

For failing to raise soviet troops consciousness.

For knocking over the Ferris wheel.

He drank all my Vodka

He ate all my carrots.

He changed his avatar back from whatever it was before.

Because he didn't seem to like my avatar change.

Because he chose the rabbit creature over the tiger creature or the turtle creature.

For not liking rabbits

Ecumenical reasons.

For refusing to recognise the autocephalous church of the sacred mug of tea.

For crossing the Rubicon.

For stabbing Caesar

For tripping the commander down the stairs. It was funny, but wrong.

Because I need to bolster my post count and he was the first victim I saw.

Because I'm cyberman

Due to unforeseen whims.

I need to get my KpD up

I didn't mean to step on him. Honestly I didn't even know he was there! also he called me warty face!

Violating the shit outta my airspace.

This time he was being mind controlled. I only chewed in self defense, but I never swallowed!

He was sitting on my horde

I was hungry.

To break the final seal and cast open the gates of hell.

Because she destroyed my X-Box.

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