Why did you kill the above avatar?

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he attempted to revive the worship of the false tribunal.

He was verbally molesting the judge.

He picked the wrong-coloured army.

He walked onto set as I was about to "money shot" asking "What's all this then?".

He invented the selfie stick.

He left vegetable peelings in the lift.

For reasons of high-scoring.

He was blocking the path to a rare weapon.

He wasn't in the right gear, but he was standing in my spot.

He thought his bolts and locks would keep me out.

He chose the school of mysticism.

He was fencing with a chainsaw.

I accidentally made my LEGO Space Marine into a voodoo doll, sorry.

He was smearing paste all over the mechanic's tools.

He sneezed on the Order of Lenin in the display case.

He tried to usurp Bubbles the talking dolphin.

He was flying his helicopter dangerously close to the American Embassy in Westminster.

He was ruining the Brussels sprouts.

For wasting good Mint Sauce.

For tipping the wrong waiter.

For lighting his farts near the Missile stash.

For unauthorized travel through the borderlands.

For rehearsing a bank robbery at BAFTA.

For nicking an old vinyl record and trying to flog it on the underground.

For drunk driving in a vintage Cadillac.

He was gentleman thievering.

He was having a good old root during my presentation.

He tried to resurrect Crash Bandicoot.

For redirecting the armoured divisions to New Delhi.

For skiing in the car park.

He was opening beer bottles with my cutlass.

He was rebuilding the town hall.

He flogged someone's MBE and Captain stripes.

He was planting potatoes in all the plant pots.

He was throttling the toaster.

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