Why did you kill the above avatar?

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He was throttling my internet.

For belching the National Anthem.

For breaking the lore.

For refusing me weapon mods.

For refusing to mod me weapons. Arrr.

For making another Goldeneye satellite.

For saying that Kirk was more entertaining than Picard.

Killing scumbags made the nice ladies moist.

I was paid. The pay was satisfactory.

To Reduce rent.

To increase mental state.

He was thinking heretical thoughts about the genial nurse. And not the good heresy, either.

He killed the genial nurse and assumed her form.

He wasted valuable RAF time.

He was fraternising with munchkins.

He played Hammond organ at a cremation.

He backed John Carter's production.

He was performing Dutch Oven torture on the falsely accused.

He was driving viewers away.

He ski-jumped right in front of the firing line as I was test firing Stinger missiles.

He was attempting to sabotage the mammoth tank program.

He went to Oxford without me.

He wasn't posting in any of the good forum games.

For leaving all the monitors on standby.

Because the secrets of Cyrene die with him.

There could be only one hundred.

He was dismantling the R.Y.N.O.

The invisible pink unicorn who lives in my garage told me to.

Ninjas can't be trusted.

He was gremlining in the rain gutters again.

He was a wanted man in five U.S. states, three African countries and a sworn enemy of NATO. And not too popular at Ascot Racecourse.

He tried to blow up Harlem.

I would get a Victoria Cross, 5 million pounds in cash, a crate of white wine and a manly hug from the Producer.

He kicked my dog! NO ONE HURTS MY DOG!

He dressed like an Alpha douce.

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