Why did you kill the above avatar?

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He was memeing about alpaca.

Botched the classic Bond line.

Opposed my bill for murdering people.

He killed my banker via erotic asphyxiation.

He tried to blow up the local temple.

He scared away my best looking customers.

He was duck-walking in the middle of the meeting.

Farted on all the cakes in the bakery.

Tried to hide the jobbie behind the fridge.

Demanded Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight show her fine assets.

Disappearing to peruse the wares at a cheese shop whilst on guard duty.

Made the dragon cry.

Attempted to ship hundreds of thousands of copies of Star Wars Kinect past the quarantine blockade.

Drank all the health poultices before a big battle.

Wouldn't shoop da woop.

He didn't have the explicit version.

He pissed all over my welcome mat!

He was a Goddamn, c**k-breath, commie, motherf**ker!

He was getting a bit fighty.

He bleed on my brand new carpet!

He tried to leap-frog a line of armoured cars with a Cromwell.

He took advantage of me while I was slightly pished.

Created a ponzi-like scheme to destabilize the Middle East.

He sneezed on new bank notes.

He was trying to rebuild Baghdad.

Turned his yoga class into a large scale eugenics project.

Resisted the genius of my eugenics project.

He had no appreciation for the early 2000s.

He was dissing Biggie.

He knew way too many ethnic slurs.

He was trying to instigate another civil war.

He went potty mid-skydive.

He marked the wrong drop-zone.

He wouldn't stop watching Antiques Roadshow.

*Shrugs* Hee was Eenglish.

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