Why did you kill the above avatar?

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He didn't fit Helghast standards.

I needed to test out this new bladed gauntlet he sold me.

He drank all that Bollinger I'd saved for my next successful space mission.

He peed into the control panel.

Das swine was a dummkopf.

He was running energy weapons to the Legion.

He was angrier than Khorne.

He speeled my dreenk.

He pissed on an amp that once belonged to Kurt Cobain.

He kept referring to the tank commander as "Ass Handler".

He rode a blood dragon all through the city causing massive damage.

The warden asked me to.

He was a bloody rat! E mugged us right off!

There could be only one in the end.

He unleashed a volley of plasma blasts in the auto show.

The Termite King demanded it.

For what he said to the lovely queen bee. I believe it was "Close your legs, love, it smells like the Thames!".

I have anger issues...

She threw a used panty liner at the window.

He tried to re-open the cursed amusement park ride.

Insulted my mercenary friends.

He was spreading butter on crackers.

For using serving the Stew up with a Blunderbuss.

He chose fewlishly.

He wanted to abduct a person from each nation and put them in a bar as an experiment.

I needed lunch.

He ate the carrier pigeon.

I needed dinner.

He gave the war veterans 'Nam flashbacks.

I needed breakfast.

He led those "creatures" to our buffet.

He voted for Peryite.

For singing The Who really badly.

For trying to make the garden into a modern art masterpiece using an excavator and several pounds of dynamite.

For shoving Sushi onto my plate.

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