Why did you kill the above avatar?

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For rejecting my offer of delicious sushi.

For wearing a bowtie with a flannel shirt.

For trying to bring back plus-fours.

For speaking like Ronald Reagan in front of the Arabs.

For trying to teach Bush to read.

He couldn't hold a candle to Inspector Clouseau.

He would not surrender the twiglets.

He was sniffing the saddle of the exercise bike in the gym.

He knocked over the Baneblade.

For using butter as lube.

For attacking the count of Volkihar.

He wouldn't pick up the damn phone!

He kept calling, so I had to send a hitman.

He disobeyed the true meaning of Talk Like a Pirate day.

He refused my offer of tea and fairy cakes.

He said bad things about California.

He got in the way of my b-hopping.

He was drunk on Aftershave.

XP, baby.

He was better dead than plaid.

It was part of the initiation.

It was too far to Dignitas.

He at my entire garden!

He was going to pawn me off to a New York private collector.

You stole my tape deck.



He couldn't wait like a decent human being for me to get it on my own.

He couldn't appreciate the soothing sounds of pancakes.

For mishandling the T-1000s.

For talkin' hot mess about my mech.

For excessive midnight screeching.

He made me want to bite things open.

He made awful lemon cake.

It was the only cure for depression.

He farted.

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