Why did you kill the above avatar?

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Well he/she is a lich so he/she is already dead.

I destroy them for being undead in the name of the light!

Because I wanted dragon steaks

Are you laughing at me now?

Because it has nothing to do with building Legos

From what I can seeing on my phone

The joke is on you, all my vehicles are made of Lego! And now I'll run you over for not thinking of that!

For trying to run me over with plastic

I stole some cripple's metal vehicle, obviously.

For Being Ugly

For laughing like Santa Claus.

For making my goldfish perform bass to mouth on him!

For seemingly making a pun that I don't get, but could be some kind of miss-typed reference to Human Centipede.

For not getting my South Park reference.

Also, to the person trying to carve steaks out of my hide, I WILL INCINERATE YOU!

For getting between me and food.

For secretly using Mega-Bloks instead.

To spell "JAZ" with his blood.

he came between me and watermelon. poor ******* never stood a chance!

I must have that ivory for stupid reasons!

I feared him usurping my king!

With my knife-launcher in-hand, I see the perfect opportunity to set a world-record with Dr. Susse running a from my war-colts. That neck shot blood in a 20-foot arc!

for leaving out those legos that tripped on and fell down the stairs.

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