Why did you kill the above avatar?

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she wouldn't stop dancing.

Sibling rivalry.

Blood for the Blood god

He wouldn't stop playing Raven's Cry.

He thought Greedo shot first

He failed to tell me the news of the grand opening of the new hardware store.

He pushed into the que

Complicated legal reasons.

He stole my sandwich from the fridge at work one too many times

He kept putting his goddamn sandwiches in my vodka mini-bar.

Failed to pay his bar tab

Did not help with the bowl-greasing part of the cake recipe.

Used his prehensile tongue to steal my last Rolo

He stuck to the window and wouldn't come down.

To gain promotion in the assassin's guild

Because I pushed the red button they explicitly told me not to.

Because they dissed Airwolf.

For preferring the 2007 Bionic Woman over the 1976 Bionic Woman

For stepping on my Bionicle.

For hiding my wheel

For shaving points.

He had never seen an episode of manimal

For unsanctioned grinching.

He stole Christmas

He fooled the guards.

He spilled my pint

He mocked my bandana.

I'm a Dalek, need I say more?

I'm a Sontaran

I was hungry. If it is any consolation, you were delicious, though not very filling. have 10 or so friends or relatives?

He was blocking my front door, so I had to tunnel through him. I wondered why he was so squishy inside; rocks aren't typically like that.

He was yet another wandering sword-slinger thirsting to carve a reputation out of my hide.


For looking at naked pictures of the great leader.

How can one kill a miniature giant space hamster? IMPOSSIBLE I TELL YOU!

I tried to kill albino boo because I was living in fear of his almighty squeak!



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