Why did you kill the above avatar?

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Minsc told me to go for the eyes

For rations.

Friendly fire

he was a disembodied wolf head. killing him was a kindness.

Jealous of the sheer awesomeness of *that hat* so killed them for it.

I tried to wear it, but I couldn't pull it off. So I killed tf2godz some more out of spite.

Don't try to steal from a dinosaur, especially his hat.

It was part of the RP.

He stole my washing up bowl to use as a helmet

Because damn it, Martha, this is becoming farcical.

He and Martha did not pay their taxes

His tiny eyes gazed deep into my soul, revealing the horrible secrets I hold there.

For my school science project.

I remember the basement joke and I needed to stop that from ever happening again.

For polishing those horns

Because the squirrels told me to do it to appease the Acorn King

To curry favour with the goblin tribes of Rock Gnasher Gulley.

The full moon whispers the black secrets of the universe in my ear and compels me to kill again

To protect the whiny townspeople.

So that the whiny townspeople stop complaining and learn to look after themselves

He was stopping me from laying waste to the forest.

The world wasn't big enough for both him and Godzilla

For resources.

To prove the idiom: "Only the Awesome die young"

To preserve the independence of Fresia.

To stop the future where he became a warlord and took over Earth.

Our differences were insurmountable, our ultimate goals mutually exclusive.

Because they broke the internet with their sexy arse.

Because he was blocking the toilet door.

I had some fava beans and chianti, I just need someone's liver

He was about to push the dreaded button.

He had truck with Xenos scum

He was too cute.

He tried to stuff me up his bum

He was buffing the floors for fun. Weirdo.

I need some garters so I took his guts

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