Why did you kill the above avatar?

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It's just what I do after the climax.

For the xp

To use him as a spider farm.

To use his head as a tea mug

He was poaching the king's rabbits.

For plotting to overthrow the state

Punting practice!

For attempting to beat my curling score.

For eating the last Bison.

For impersonating Wally.

For being annoyingly wholesome

Workplace wanking.

For saving Piers Morgan life

For inventing Piers Morgan.

For taking Sheogorath out of his badges list

Unauthorized shitnippling in the staff room.

For not saluting Space Captain Smith


For failing to use his tinfoil hat for the third time.

For trying to stop me from touching a cat.

For tasting the jerky before it was ready

'Cos he can't seen me, and he don't know me either.

For being the invisible man

For electing to take the way of pain.

Lack of moral fiber

Because he killed Hope.

Because he killed the Pope

Because he soaped the rope.

For being a silly jedi

For his groove.

Tax purposes.

For bringing a weasel into work.

For offending the Stoat Liberation Front

For the infamous "Dumblydore" typo.

For not realizing it was auto-correct's fault

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