Why did you kill the above avatar?

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He's a dirty commie.

He smelt of parsnips.

He took a yakuman ron from me.

The noise of mahjong was driving me barmy.

He posts way too much.

Pretensions of leethood.

He was a spy!

I was running out of dragon jokes.

It oughta already be extinct anyway.

he's the embodiment of painful anime clich?s, I did everyone a favor

That looked like background static.

He told me to.

My PPSh slipped.

He lost my nuclear hand grenade

I'm a dalek, it's what I do.

daleks aren't that civil, so I murdered him

For refusing to give a lap dance

He challenged the Four Dark Devas of Destruction.

The result was obvious from the start.

Errr...dust in the scope?

He forgot the words to the Welsh national anthem

Insufficient mortar accuracy.

His commander was an idiot.

His team-mates were rubbish and he should have been in a higher bracket.

Sarge told me to go this-a-way and shoot the men with dead raccoons on their heads.

Lied about the drape matching.

He took my property.

They shot the sheriff, the deputy, three political officers and a puppy.

Slinger-eater, I AM the sheriff, and you'll not have another chance to forget it.

For building Lego viaducts across my driveway.

He didn't keep his eye on the birdie.

He refused to do me first.

I'm a Dalek, I don't need an excuse!


Because I am a violent sociopath and need to be institutionalised.

He ate my property!

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