The Ultimate Deathmatch

There are no special rules - you can use whatever weapons you can come up with/find/build/etc. If you get killed (and yes, to remind you people, this is important: the point of this stuff is to kill and get killed the most creative ways you can think of), the moment you die, the nature of the Escapist will instantly revive you. NPCs/monsters/anything can be killed all you want as they'll be revived as well. You may use anything from Any universe, any anime, any game. Don't god mod...Too much...

Also, don't worry about blowing up the planet, the universe, ect. Its all restored instantly, thats the point.

*Guts the poster beneath me with the hook of massachusets*

Aww. No one wants to participate in my ultimate deatmatch.

Now that my opponent has killed themselves with political geography, it's high time I preserve their legs so I can duel-wield them as bats.

Dammit. ..and now. This is how the ultimate deathmatch works!

*Respawns, Grabs BuildsLegos, shoves him into a cannon and fertilizes the escapist with him.*

With a tap on the shoulder, Fiona turns around to see me taking off my mask. The sight of my real face gives her a heart attack.

As soon as you gaze upon the visages of the Four Dark Devas of Destruction, their irresistible cuteness will stun you until I have time to strangle you with my scarf! Mwahahahahahahaha!

The tumors in my neck make it near-impossible to strangle me; While both your arms are busy with futile strangulation, I pull out my revolver and pop your temple.

I take you extra crispy, which you will be when my flamethrower is done with you.


*raises her mighty oaken staff, and unleashes the beer-fountains of the great deep*

You have all been drowned in massive quantities of beer. At least you died happy.

(OH COME ON, EScapist, stop breaking!)

(Wrong Thread)

I toss you into the beer ocean, and casually toss a lit match. . .


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