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6/10 Funny, and pleasant instrumentation but her vocals really bring it down.

3/5 Video contained lots of staring
Don't like his voice (or is it the effects? can never discern) but the sound is pleasant enough

3/10 Man, Ska is usually pleasant but that was not.

Generic. Didn't really care much about the lyrics, and the music was fine but not particularly engaging. Honestly, the most engaged I was was trying to work out what all those pinball tables were at the start.

10/10 Classic video game music.

I guess I just wasn't in the mood for this one. It's not bad, though.

10/10 Classic

1/10 No.

8/10 -chill as farrrrrks-
That was pretty good! Very relaxed and dripping in 60s vibes. Didn't drag anywhere either.

8/10 Weird but good. Also, cool music video.

6/10 Never really been a fan of that type of scream-singing but the music was OK.

8/10 Good stuff, love RTJ


That would have sounded sick if she sung into a harmonica mic, but that's just me.

7/10 Cool stuff but not something I would listen to consistently.

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