Black on Black Violence in the USA

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All the differences between the races that we decide that defines race are adaptations to the environment. That's it. The social aspects of race are entirely fabricated and imposed on other people.

While the physical differences of race certainly exist, it's how they're treated and handled by a given society that causes such turmoil.

The social aspects of race were initially created BY the environment those races adapted to. Take note that humans exist in three areas here: they adapt to the environment, they adapt their environment, they ARE their environment.

Humans will adapt to their environments should you take them out of their ?native? one, but they will also adapt their environment to suit themselves more should they move, and their environment includes other humans who they will in turn attempt to adapt or potentially be adapted by.

This means when two cultures come together they mix in various ways, both affecting and being affected by the other. American urban poor black culture has unfortunately become a culture that is self-cannibalizing and doesn?t interact outside itself in an adaptable way. There are many reasons how this came to be but the massive disadvantage of slavery, segregation, discrimination, and the lack of education opportunities compounded together to forge that culture. The heavy-handedness of the American justice system against the urban poor black demographic has simply become a predator in that environment. Urban poor blacks don?t adapt to it any more, they?re adapted BY the justice system ? especially when those who are released return the community hardened by further association with criminals (for prison is another environment that is changed by and changes those who enter it) and contaminate the community further with criminality.

It?s a feedback loop and the only way to break the loop is for the environment to change, removing poverty from the equation would be the most likely solution. But it will take a concentrated and constant effort, the current culture of the urban poor blacks will be resistant to it ? not because they?re black, but because the environment doesn?t reward or encourage legal productive growth, it simply consumes it.

Those areas won?t pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, but they won?t be pulled up by someone else either. It needs to come from both within and without at the same time.

By social aspects of race, I mean how people look by consequence of their heritage are treated. There is nothing implicit about tan skin, narrow eyes, and black hair that suggests intelligence, but yet there's the expectation that people who have these traits, specifically from Japan, China, and Korea, to be somehow more intelligent and methodical than those who don't possess these traits. People didn't suddenly see people with dark skin and woolly hair and come to the conclusion that they were more violent or crime-prone, they were just people who happened to look different. These attitude and perceptions arose over time as social dynamics were created and often imposed.

Also, you act as if urban blacks are somehow monolithic and constant. That simply is not the case. Black people living in south-side Chicago aren't going to be the same as black people living in Santa Fe, New Orleans, or New York, or Seattle. Urban blacks don't represent the entirety of African Americans either, such as those that do live in safe, successful suburban communities. This is precisely what I'm talking about; applying a unilateral sense of identity and behavior of populations across a given area because they all happen to look similar.

This is not to say that what you're putting forward is wrong and I'm not trying to accuse you of anything; it's fair to argue that Africans Africans do kind of exist in a legal/social/cultural quagmire within and without, but there's more to it, and a lot of the forces at play are external or internalized.

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