Could you marry someone who strongly opposed your religious views?

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My answer to OP's question: Could I marry someone who strongly opposed my 'religious' views? I'm not opposed to the idea. Someone's ethical beliefs are far more important to me than their religious beliefs. Many couples have conflicting perspectives that just become conversation topics to avoid so the relationship can remain smooth.

But the odds of there being a religious person who 'strongly opposed' my atheism (just aligning myself with the closest definition / group, for the sake of the question), who I also shared great chemistry + very similar ethical beliefs + tastes with? I think they're incredibly low.

Unless my spouse was advocating something I found truly intolerable, like child sacrifice or something, I could probably manage it, assuming that they too could handle my lack of faith, but I'd much prefer a partner who was either irreligious or at least not very strongly religious. When it comes right down to it, when you're finding a partner, it's important that you share as many core values as possible, or at the very least not have values that are in direct conflict. Therefore, you should try to find somebody whose religious views are, at the very least, compatible with your own.

As to your specific situation, you could probably make that relationship work for a while (I assume, since you said you were in high school, you both live with your respective parents), since a lot of the factors where religious difference can come into play strongest, like marriage and raising a child, probably aren't an issue for you yet. However, if you have any intention of making it a serious deal, things will be difficult. In my opinion, if you decide you and this girl might make a good couple, try asking her out, or trying to find out if she'd be interested in being with you, then have this discussion with her. Perhaps she would, in the context of a relationship, be far more willing to accept your beliefs.

NO, and I don'mean to offend anyone, but I would rather marry someone with good judgement. Because for me it's pretty hard to take someone seriously when they think there is a man in the sky that conrols everything we do.

From what I gather from reading this thread, most people probably won't marry someone strongly opposed. And I agree. If you're going to be living with each other, hopefully for a very long time, people should be compatible with each other. The little things will start to annoy you, imagine the big things such as this. Also, I'd like to point out that while the atheists of this forum seem to try and point out things they have perceived, the religious people are quick to point out that, apparently, having different points of views from them is bigotry. Just my observation.

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