Dear Escapist Magazine, are you joining the E3 boycot?

This is a question to the people who run the Escapist; Alex, Steve, Susan and the others.
just now, penny arcade notified me of this:
Basic summary for those with a link-phobia: ESA supports SOPA, SOPA is bad. To make ESA change their stance on SOPA, we shouldn't cover E3, since ESA runs it and that's where they get the most of their revenue.
Loading Ready Run, Extra Credits, and Red 5 Studios have already stated that in opposition to SOPA, they will not be covering E3.
Since you have been rather vocal in your opposition to SOPA, I would like to know this: Will you, or will you not, be covering E3 this year?
I would very much like a response, or some kind of official statement from you, Escapist.
Thanks for reading and keep up the good work.
As for the rest of you, please feel free to share your opinion on this matter.

Hit the ESA where it hurts... the pocketbook.

Boycott E3. It's an overhyped thing anyway. Has been for years.


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