Furries unite, Game Dogs is returning to the escapist!

Firstly, April Fools. Secondly, I'm incredibly sorry for making up this thread that was obviously a crappy attempt at a april fools joke. Oh well, the bright side is that I've also got good news: This thread may actually have some substance. And no, I'm not bull shitting you.

April first is without a doubt the day that trolling was invented. And as such, it's a magical time of year where we all give in to our inner douchebag urges and give in to our temptation to troll people for the lulz. So, the point of this thread? Why don't we got on a fun little easter egg hunt where we can find sites that share the April Fools spirit. Sadly, I've only managed to find one hence far. On ThatGuyWiththeGlasses That Scifi guy is now That Fantasy guy.

Post anything that you can find, I'm expecting some really interesting things this year.

Edit - Hold on, I just realized that this doesn't belong Religion & Politics. Uh, can a mod move this to off topic? Been spending so much time in Religion & Politics as of lately I forgot that this was even a site about games.

Hey, just because some people don't take their pranking seriously doesn't mean that it doesn't belong in R&P.

Sites that share the April fools spirit? I have a really good one. Its this:


The good stuff takes some digging to find, and it's really subtle, but I think we will all agree that is best embodies the spirit of the day.

Well, waiting for the time this is moved off of OT, there is Welshy's new video, Lupa's new video, and Oancitizen's new video on TGWTG. There is also Angry Joe's Guild Wars 2 release data video. All the ones I have found so far. IGN will definitely do something as they always do, just do not know what yet.

Firstly, April Fools.

I completely forgot it, I'll be more alert now, thank you.

Google Maps for NES is good, and of course being Google they actually did actually add it to Google Maps.

My AdBlock for Chrome put pictures of cats in place of ads. I swear it took me half an hour this morning to figure out what the fuck was going on.

Oh thank God, I couldn't stand that show.

Games Workshop usually puts some fake bullshit product on their website on April 1st. But it's sunday, so I guess we'll either have to wait until tomorrow or next year.

Last year they did the best one, in my opinion. How to roll Citadel Dice, a book on rolling dice. Supplied with it was a set of six sided dice, with sixes on all sides, and they were also weightened so you'd roll sixes more often. All done in the exact same style they use when they promote a real new product:

I especially love the photo's of "dead" gamers who tried to use the techniques described in the book, and failed. ^^


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