Andrew Ryan's 'Rapture.'

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Damien Granz:
You can either have a government chained to oversight and the voter's wishes, or an unelected corporate government.

I don't see the difference...

Rapture was an objectivist society right?

Not really. For instance, an Objectivist society would have a government, albeit a very limited one. For another thing, turning children into Little Sisters would be outlawed as it violates the rights of those children. Additionally, the idea of a ban on ideas (religious or otherwise) does not fit the Objectivist philosophy.

I just wanted to say, this has been one of the most interesting forum threads I've read in a while ^>^

On topic I doubt something like this would in fact work. As stated in multiple posts, it is almost guaranteed that someone or a group of people would end up in power or work out a way to exploit the system too their advantage.


id be curious to see how large one could get population wise before it does start to self destruct.

150 people, tops.

I think Libertarianism has the same basic problem as Communism, in that its Master Plan for a Perfect Society starts with "Step 1: Create better human beings".

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