Why is the US on good terms with communist Vietnam and China, our former enemies, but not Cuba?

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Not G. Ivingname:



also it seems you've forgotten that the us gov't has thoroughly earned every bit of fidel's contempt. The U.S failed to keep him out of power, but he hasnt forgotten how hard they tried

HOW many failed assassination attempts on him has the US made now? Dude's got more lives than a cat born on Christmas.

Castro says he has survived 638 attempts on his life, but it is doubtable if this is true because it came from Fidel himself. However, it is known the CIA has made a LOT of attempts on his life, even taking advise from Bugs Bunny by giving him EXPLODING CIGARS.

Why not just do something obvious and be done with it. They would have known who killed him whether we did it secretly or not.

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