Would you vote for Supreme in 2012
68.2% (15)
68.2% (15)
An Evil Wizard is to blame!
31.8% (7)
31.8% (7)
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Poll: Dear Escapist: I give you YOUR 2012 presidential candidate

Vote Supreme in 2012... A vote for Supreme is a vote completely thrown away and he still stands behind his pledge from 2008 of a Pony for every American!


Its high time we switch to a pony based economy.

Discussion value:

Why not? Could he do any worse than what we have, or the prospects on the horizon? Is a nonsensical satirical candidate any better/worse than the serious satirical candidates we already have? Is the US system of election so broken that it comes to having satirical candidates sharing space with legitimate ones?

Sounds like he has better ideals than Santorum.
I'd vote for him XD

He still makes more sense than the Republicans...

You want my candidate?

The pony standard's great, yeah. But I was thinking, we should move over to the fat standard. You see, if one pound were worth one theoretical pound of fat, rather than a pound of gold, you could pay for stuff and loose weight at the same time! It'd make telling rich people from poor real easy! Plus, the specialized equipment you'd need to mug someone would make such crime completely impractical! It's not just a win-win solution, it's a win-win-win-win-win solution!

Plus, because I can't resist a fat joke, it'd solve the US economic troubles forever =p

Okay... Yes. I believe this would work. Nobody else really would, but I do. Let's do it.

This is the American political system at its finest, Did anyone else laugh hard?

This is the American political system at its finest, Did anyone else laugh hard?

As the saying goes.. Your never the only one. Glad to share a chuckle.

Also check out his autotune remix featuring Joseph Gordon Levitt


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