Music That "Describes" Your Ideology?

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I'm not really sure if this is "meant" for the R&P exactly, but I was bored and I rather not get sidetracked with some semi-serious internal debate over whether to post this here, in forum games, or off topic.

So, I'm pretty sure we all have a personal political ideology, philosophy, or religion that we adhere to. I'm also positive that we all have certain "feelings" about those beliefs. So, what better way to express those feelings through music? After all, since the dawn of man, music has been almost universal in expressing emotion or feelings.

This is a thread dedicated to posting music that, in a way, "describes" the music you feel about your personal beliefs. Maybe you're some kind of Anarcho-Capitalist and like industrial or electric music? Maybe you're a humanist and like something diverse and uplifting? Or maybe you're a buddhist and like something quite and meditative? Regardless, here's a thread for sharing music that you believe accurately captures the "feel" of your ideology. It can be any kind of music, even soundtracks from movies, just share them here.

(Credit goes to the "Spiritual/Religious/Secular Music Thread" for giving me the idea to make this one)

Personally, as a Social Democrat in America (about as rare as a Libertarian in North Korea) I say the music that describes my feelings towards Social Democracy is... Well... This theme from code geass.

It accurately captures that feel of "victory", of fighting for the common man with all your might and struggling against impossible odds before your success. Of fighting in the name of democracy untainted by money or power.

ha, I actually just posted this in R&P a couple days ago

Also, once when I was browsing a different forum wherein which some people were lamenting over the sudden news of Ron Paul's exclusion from the Republican National Convention (essentially denied the ablility to win), somebody posted this video which I felt caught the mood very well:

And one more! I tend to play this as ambient backround noise whenever I'm mad about geopolitical issues, you can be sure I'll be playing the EP this song's from on loop the whole day after the election, regardless who wins:

Witty Name Here:

Jolly good idea.

Well, I don't really have a good name for my comprehensive view of politics, but I tend hold moderately liberal views for very conservative reasons. Example: I'm a strong supporter of LGBT rights and gay marriage because I think to deny it is a violation of the 14th amendment. I support environmental protection (to a degree) because I don't want animals to die, because they could be very tasty.

As for music, I think these can cover the feelings I have of my political view

I love most all forms of classical music, and I've always seen them as more conservative for some reason

On a less serious note, I think this song in particular sums up my feeling on my pet issue (the Second Amendment)

The song is not very serious, but still fun

I am an athiest and I couldn't care less about all the squabble between atheists and religious people. I just enjoy life and chill...go with the flow...

I prefer this version of the song.

While there are certainly more idealistic songs that come to mind, this song probably has the emotional reality of my ideology in practice:

Much of my ideology is not based in the present day squabbles, but in a constant preparation for the battles of tomorrow. What this would likely turn into is a constant mobilization of manpower and resources for the future at the expense of the luxuries of the present, offering little happiness beyond the contentment that the battles of the future will be far easier due to our preparation.

Capcha: fezes are cool.

There will be no fezes in my world...

All about fighting for the future, fighting every battle to ensure that humanity makes it through, and being victorious against the forces that would drag us down.

I've also been an a huge Sabaton kick lately, so this might change in a few months. :P

I think that about covers it.


I think that about covers it.

I like you. Dead Kennedys is always a good choice.

Slightly hyperbolic, particularly the bit about death squads, cops can suck, but they aren't that bad, but the refrain(they own us) at the end is the important part and it covers most of the bases, media, government, and privately owned corporations working in unison to exert control.

Similar message, two different approaches. Depends on how I feel on any given day.

Akala has some good stuff to say:

Skip forward to 0.35 for when it gets good.

I find it hard to agree completely with any political statement in music, usually because its hard to make a balanced argument and a compelling piece of rhetoric at the same time.

Such an unfair competition. Libertarians/Objectivists have the best music

My Singularity-'ideology'...

Focus on the Hayek-part...

My religion...

simple for me.. 30 seconds to mars. peace, equality for all. people working together to make a better world

My political philosophy is that me and my friends specifically should rule the world to make it better, democracy be damned.

Good thread Witty.

Non politically, it'd be something like this:

Mostly it's what Lelouch (The man who talks about his sister) that I agree with, but it fits with the music well.

My thoughts on war really.

My view on the conservatives in government in the UK.

Well mine should be fairly obvious...

I guess I'm still pretty much a blank slate when it comes to ideology, where do you get one of 'em anyway? do they cost much?

Best I can do is Capitalist Agnostic Pro Choice Politically Correct Omnivore who thinks since Labour and Tories have been swapping over for ages they're both wrong and it's time for a change from 'em, but when those Lib Dems got into government they just left everything to the Tories betraying their voters, now UKIP and BNP just seem like crazy haters, so I suppose that leaves the Green Party, but they're kind of small and it doesn't seem like they're going anywhere or gaining ground

I've been interested in anarchism since reading the Illuminatus Trilogy, but figure that someone would just grab up the power and go Totalitarian Tyrannohomo Rex on all our asses.

So I guess for now I'm waiting for something, the new rock 'n' roll, the revolution, the white rabbit to follow, but I don't know what it'll be, or where it'll lead.

Anyone got a way of summing that up in one sentence? or one song?

Actually maybe This Cat is A Landmine by 65 Days of Static does the job, not really sure.


Sounds kinda' iPunk ascetic aesthetic with lots of scientific research, and a focus on good civil engineering, getting transport, infrastructure, and administration to start running smooth and efficient.

I'm also picking up some "recycle, conserve natural spaces, save the planet" kind of vibes.

My ideaology? Well...

...Yes, I am very cynical, why do you ask? Also, I have very... mixed taste when it comes to music...

Gojira are absolutely amazing alive, and rather surprisingly a lot of their songs are about the environment and how man ruins nature.

And this is the best political protest album ever made in metal in the last decade.

That is pretty accurate.

Well, I did mention a few such pieces of music in that "spiritual, religious, secular"-thread I started earlier (and which I will bring back to the front at some point in the near future, I promise). So that leaves the political aspect. Thing is, I can't really think of anything fitting there. Anarchists and punks have some great music, but I'm not actually either. And music for a center-left moderate would presumably be kind of boring.

Aw, what the hell. Here. Just remember that it's not really "me". I'm way too much of a conformist:

Since I'm into atmospheric, instrumental music I'll just post some more of that which catches the feel of our future dystopia and current hopelessness. Happy elections!

Listen to Dream Theater's The Great Debate. Yeah, that's me; looking at two sides and sitting on the side watching to see other's reactions. Unfortunately, I can't link to YT right now...

Voltaire's song, one of my personal favorites speaking as a christian, God Thinks.

He basically says people who say 'God thinks that this is right and this is wrong' which I believe is not only a brave thing to call people out on but a very intelligent discussion starter. Beautiful violins as well.

Nothing else describes it so well.

I understand that political violence is authoritarian in nature and it is impossible to create an anrchistic world in such a manner. However I find myself sinking deeper and deeper into the 'just kill 'em all' territory.

Captcha: eighty six - What needs to happen to hierarchic systems.

This, of course:

What else could it be?

Goddamit guys, could you hit my laptop in the RAM any harder?

As for me, politically I'm all about this:

Seriously, I'm with the Maples. The Oaks are just too lofty, and they grab up all the light.

Voltaire's song, one of my personal favorites speaking as a christian, God Thinks.

He basically says people who say 'God thinks that this is right and this is wrong' which I believe is not only a brave thing to call people out on but a very intelligent discussion starter. Beautiful violins as well.

With Voltaire I'ma big fan of Crusade ( Seems a pretty good way of summing up the futility of wars of ideology with some great backing music.

As for other personal philosophy's? Well as Someone who thinks any government should stay out of personal affairs I've always liked the idea of Donovan Frankenreiter's It Dont Matter ( ).

Other than that I struggle to think of songs that exemplify anything about me. I do like this though ( ). Not sure if that makes me weird or anything :)

a song that fits my ideology? what else could it be

Such an unfair competition. Libertarians/Objectivists have the best music

Well, Rush is good, yes...

But Tool is better.

Also? Trippier music videos.


I can't think of much except straight ideological songs.

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