Music That "Describes" Your Ideology?

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This, obviously:

God damn poors, always messing everything up for the good people of the world! >:(

But seriously, probably something more like this:

I do hate me some discrimination something fierce, and that is something this album, by and large, feeds into. :P

This is pretty good for my beliefs:

I don't know what people would say I am, but I tend to occupy my thoughts with what's out there, rather than whats going on down here.
I'm a dreamer, a fool, and a romanticist. I'm not an athiest or a believer.
I believe pondering the nature of existence is the greatest thing we can do.

Nothing more is needed, really. Everything is about ensuring that each individual have the maximum amount of negative freedom compatible with the negative freedoms of others. Though arguing with/against those who'd take away the positive ability to choose within this limit - while respecting their inalienable right to do so - is also a concern.

One can never enslave negative freedom for the "greater cause" of larger quantities of positive freedom though. Whatever does not harm the negative freedoms of others is the inalienable right of each individual to engage in. Any such law is simply null and void, enforcement of it simply oppression, and those behind it/willingly benefiting from it simply reciprocally unworthy of having their own rights respected.

Well I don't think these necessarily reflect my views, but please, don't be mad.

What? They're some of the best wartime songs, equal to the USSR's catalog.
No matter the faults, something about totalitarianism really brings out the artistic qualities in people.

The song "Stars" from Les Miserables.

"Those who follow the path of the righteous shall have their reward ... And so it must be, for so it is written on the doorway to paradise"

Perform your duties well and make sure no one can find any fault with you. In this unsecure and often cruel world, that is the only true path to some meassure of any contiuning peace and happiness.

This obviously, time to take down humanity and replace a superior form of intelligence!

On a more serious note. Hard to tell, i'd go with:

It kind of appeals to my patriotic side.

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