So... Dog fighting

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Actually, there's one really obvious alternative... stop killing animals just to make room for more animals they'll just kill anyway.

Cool story bro. But are you going to pay the bills?

I mean, it's not like most of those groups want to pull strays off the street and then having to put them down. It's mostly because they simply can't afford it, because dumb people go to breeders and stores and purchase an animal, instead of adopting one from a shelter. And nobody really cares. If someone goes home with a puppy, purchased at a young age from a commercial breeder, does a shitstorm from their friends ensue? No, it's cute and stuff. And people's behaviour doesn't get corrected at all. A significant percentage will abandon or send away their animal when it's adult, and then purchase a new one in a store, and the circle goes round and round...

So unless we're willing to give shit to every bimbo and idiot who goes to a pet store or commercial breeder for a new animal, for making the wrong choice, we're really part of the problem. And animals being put down in a shelter out of financial or handling considerations (the latter mostly with dogs with incompetent previous owners) it's very unfortunate, but, we just can't blame the shelters for it happening.

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