Documentaries about communism?

Does anybody know about good documentaries about communism?

And I am not really talking about the history of the Soviet Union but rather a documentary about communism itself and how it developed/changed through time.


You can't learn about Classical music without referring to Beethoven, Mozart , Hummel. You see the development and characteristics of Classical music in their works and how it influenced and was influenced by other artists of the time. Same is said with the development of Communism. You can see Communism as it started out, but it developed and branched out soon after that and was manifested in different ways - and in different countries and groups. To study Communism and not address how it was developed, manipulated and evolved within the Soviet system is impossible. Obviously other systems loosely based on the Communist ideas need to be mentioned, but much of that was influenced by the geo-political situation of the Soviet Union. All in all - you can't ignore history when you study things like political ideologies as they are intertwined with the current events of the day. There, done.

With that said, I got nothing.


"Communism" is just too broad of a subject to cover over one piece of film. Can you go into specifics here? Maybe the origins of Communism, its early days, etc.?

First step in the right direction - Youtube and BBC documentaries, Gotta love those brits.

There tends to be more in print than video though I found this to be interesting, if you click the modern civilization playlist and start at lecture five there's some nuggets in there.

It is a bit more comprehensive and less flashy but I hope you can use it.



The others have mentioned the lack of video. I have a good, short, introductory textbook, but for some reason there's a PDF available online of the (newer, shorter) 3rd edition. I consider it rather short, but then it is just an introduction. It misses out a lot of info compared to the edition I have (which is an extra 150-or-so-pages), but hey, it's free. It has no contents page so here you go:

Heywood, Andrew; Political Ideologies Today: an Introduction (2003) 4rd ed; Palgrave Macmillan.

Ch 1. Introduction................. 2
Ch 2. Liberalism.................. 21
Ch 3. Conservatism................ 56
Ch 4. Socialism................... 85
Ch 5. Nationalism................. 125
Ch 6. Anarchism................... 151
Ch 7. Fascism..................... 172
Ch 8. Feminism.................... 193
Ch 9. Ecologism................... 214
Ch 10. Religious Fundamentalism... 235
Ch 11. Conclusion................. 256

If you can I'd reccommend the 3rd or 5th edition, as both are much longer.

As for videos... you're more likely to find videos taking apart capitalist models and assumptions rather than those supporting communism. Try looking at some RSA videos:

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
The Empathic Civilisation
Crises of Capitalism
21st Century Enlightenment
Where good ideas come from.
Smile or Die

Well there's this:

I get the impression it's more about Marx himself than Communism though.

Well there's this:

I get the impression it's more about Marx himself than Communism though.

I liked it, but its obviously biased for anti communism and socialism.

Found this a few years ago

Proven to be 38% more education than the rest of the stuff posted here.

Fraser Greenfield:
Found this a few years ago

Proven to be 38% more education than the rest of the stuff posted here.

yes this is definatelly the best version.
but i would suggest reading Marx Capital if your up for some sleepy reading. that will give you quite a good idea. Lenin's economic works are also interesting. However i am not aware of any video content that isnt biased in either way.


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