Most despised US president?

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The Gentleman:
Historians prefer to hate on James Buchanan, on the account of effectively doing nothing to prevent the near-imminent US Civil War, followed by Herbert Hoover for failing to do anything to prevent the Great Depression.

By the time Hoover got into office it was far, far too late to fix the problem, or even control the damage much (Hoover actually responded basically the same way Roosevelt did, just nothing got fixed until time and the boost of WW2 fixed it for us). So you're more getting into who concurrent citizens hated more at the time than who historians hate.

And if you're asking who the citizens hated most during and immediately after their term in office, it's Lincoln, hands down. No matter how rosy the glasses are we look through at his time in office in retrospect, at the time he was literally the straw that broke the camel's back and started the civil war. To half the nation he was literally the malicious head of an invading foreign country, and to the other half he was the authoritarian jackass who started a war over something unimportant and was continually abusing executive powers to shut down newspapers, arrest people who'd committed no crimes, etc. The hate for Bush 2 has _nothing_ on how three quarters of the US felt about Lincoln, and honestly more of it was justified.

That said, looking back over the whole of history, the actual worst president has gotta be Grant or Hayes. All the other presidents were at least _trying_ to do something beneficial to the nation, those two, by contrast, were selling us off to what would become the corporate overlords of the gilded age in return for personal profit.

Probably Andrew Jackson or Johnson, they're usually everyone's favorites to hate. Though I also have a strong dislike for Reagan mostly because according to the modern tea party he stood for everything they support. There might actually be some truth in that, the drug war, illegal immigration, war, military spending, taxation. He completely shaped the stalwart anti progress attitudes we have today.

I was gonna say Bush Jr. until I finished reading the post. So I'm gonna go with Richard "I'm not a crook" Nixon. Reagan and Clinton are fair contenders but don't take the universal heat Nixon does (i.e. Nixon doesn't even stand well with Reps to this day).

Abe Lincolin is pretty damn bad.
What with his rampant racism.

All semi-true jokes aside, it's probably Nixon. I mean, look at Watchmen,

I would think it would be Hubert Hoover and his "hoovervilles".

The two most despised presidents are Reagan and FDR. They are also widely the most loved, just by the group that hates the other one.

I subscribe to the side that hates Reagan.

Probably Nixon? It changes from time to time. There was a time when Historians hated Harry Truman's presidency - mostly because he was fond of promoting cronies and his staff were very corrupt, but his presidency is now seen more favorably. Nixon is hated, and hated for a reason, but that was only because he was caught doing bad things and the public got to see his private side due to the release of the Whitehouse Tapes. I can guarantee you, if you released other tapes by other presidents, the public would look on them a lot less friendly too.

Nixon wasn't the WORST president. Just the most despised. I think Buchanan was probably the most incompetent.

Pretty sure it was Nixon if we're just going by 'Most despised'. Whether he deserved all of that hate is arguable, but he's definitely the most hated.

2012 Wont Happen:
The two most despised presidents are Reagan and FDR. They are also widely the most loved, just by the group that hates the other one.

I subscribe to the side that hates Reagan.

eh, im not too sure if the repubs hate FDR.

Don't get me wrong, if FDR was reincarnated into a new person (but same personality/beliefs), yea the GOP would have a field day. However, FDR's image is strongly linked to WW2 and how he lead our country during the war, and the GOP do tend to be a bit more nationalistic.

If the most recent one we can choose is Clinton, then probably Clinton.

People only tend to care about the most really things. Same way Diana's death got voted higher in the list of most important things to happen in the 20th century than either World War.

The one who I hate the most? Jackson.

The one most despised by Americans? Probably Nixon or Hoover.

Everyone knows that Jimmy Carter is histories greatest monster.

For me personally? I have to say I despise Franklin Delano Roosevelt

For Americans? Probably Nixon.

Well, Jackson is a close runner up for his sheer amount of brutality towards Native Americans (and also crushing the central bank)

But it would probably have to be Nixon, simply for the scandal. Which is a shame, because despite being pretty manipulative or "evil" he was extraordinarily competent, much more so than Cheny (I realize Cheny was only VP for Bush Jr.) who was good at looking competent and malevolent, but who was, at best, just malevolent.

I don't get a lot of people saying Reagan is a hated President. He may have done the same exact things as Margaret Thatcher, but here's the problem: Americans love him. Yes, even a few Democrats do. There's been so much propaganda involving the guy, that he's more or less earned the reputation of "Beloved elderly statesman" then "Guy who fired tens of thousands of Union Workers and started America on the path of blatant Corporatism".

Two of my personal favorites (and I realize I'll get some criticism for this) are FDR and Thomas Jefferson. FDR because he is, essentially the father of the Modern Democratic Party. He got our country out of a recession through the New Deal, he was a great public speaker, and brilliant wartime president. I acknowledge his faults, such as the Japanese Internment Camps and essentially trying to rule as a Monarch during his term as President, but I appreciate his deeds more than his faults.

I consider Thomas Jefferson a favorite not for what he accomplished exactly, but for what he fought for. Jefferson was really a people's president. Regardless of how his policies turned out, he seemed to genuinely see his office as something that belonged to the people and tried his hardest to run the office according to those ideals. Honestly, I believe that if I were raised in any other time than a recession, or perhaps just "found" Jefferson before Bernstein, I would possibly have been more of a Libertarian than anything else.

There's also Roosevelt, but all the reasons have been stated about a hundred times.

There is a distinct difference on being a bad President and being despised as President. There were tons of bad Presidents, but were or are they actually despised? Actually despising someone who is not alive, who didn't do you personal grievous harm, is rather tough, especially after many years. So the question really falls to the people who were around at the time. Every President had their detractors, but very few were outright despised. The only one I can think of, would be someone currently we hold in very high regard today, but in his day was very dispised by quite a number of people, Lincoln.

2012 Wont Happen:
The two most despised presidents are Reagan and FDR. They are also widely the most loved, just by the group that hates the other one.

I subscribe to the side that hates Reagan.

Eh, I don't think they are the most hated OVERALL. Certainly by their enemies--Reagan introduced Reaganomics which conservatives are still to this day trying to shove into our economy like a square peg into a round hole, and FDR brought on Social Security which is a bugbear nobody is brave enough to tackle just yet.

If you ask me FDR did much more good compared to Reagan, but again I stand by the notion that these two are most vehemently disliked by their enemies. I think the ones that are most hated overall are Nixon (Watergate), Buchanan (alienated both the North and the South by wanting to impose peace when both were determined to go to war), and Hoover (didn't help people when they needed it).

And even that's just worst as far as policy and popularity. Andrew Jackson was probably one of the worst as far as human rights with all the terrible things he did/was determined to do to Indians. Yet he still remains in many top 10 lists of most popular Presidents, mostly thanks to the South and America's failure to teach our children our history properly.

Also, what's up with necroing this thread? The last post before yours was in January. You that bored with R&P that you had to dig this thing up?

2012 Wont Happen:
The two most despised presidents are Reagan and FDR. They are also widely the most loved, just by the group that hates the other one.

I subscribe to the side that hates Reagan.

Wrong on both points.

Regean is considered to be a meh president by liberal voters while a great one by conservative voters, but FDR is considered to be one of the best presidents by both parties.

According to this survey from 1982, FDR was placed higher than Thomas Jefferson on Conservative ballots.

To answer the topic question though, the most despised U.S. President will always be either Andrew Johnson or Warren G. Harding

The former was a tough, brutal and lawbreaker who nearly tore the country apart after it was just restored and the other was just a weak and poor leader.

Lil devils x:
I guess this would depend on where your from, some of the most celebrated among the American people are often considered the most bigoted, cruel and despised by others:

thanks for posting that. i always find you posts interesting. im not american so its good to get a different view of whats happening there

*looks at link* wow reagan was a bastard and so were a good chunk of the rest of those presidents :-|

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