How and when did you stop believing?

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Short Version:
Raise Roman Catholic

Got into fight with classmate during Middle School about whether or not Catholic Church = Real Christianity, all the others 'weak/false' versions.

Got me to READ my bible, instead of merely MEMORIZING it.

Got me to look up the HISTORY of Christianity, instead of BUYING INTO what I was told.

Lead me to the realization I was part of a horrid, outdated, bigoted hate group.

Started on my path from Christan, to agnostic, to atheist.

I can't remember how old I was exactly, but it was when I actually began to pay attention to religion(christian to be specific) & study the history of it. I was taking a christian studies class when I was 10, I think? I started to noticed that things didn't quite add up or make sense, too many translations & propaganda had made it impossible to take it seriously. So I just kinda slowly transitioned to atheist while studying religion. It's funny that a class that was supposed to clearly explain my families beliefs made me start to doubt them.

Had doubts since I was about 12 years old, fully accepted atheism just before I turned 16.

I didn't feel like living my life based around words from a 2,000 year old book and worshiping one of history's most prolific mass murderers. So I stopped. :D

I stopped believing in people a long time ago. There was never any real "Aha!" moment, it was just a slow walk to the realisation that everyone is full of shit - no exceptions. All people, everywhere, are terrible.

The atheists think the theists are evil because [reasons], and whip up hate mobs against it. The theists think the atheists are evil because [reasons], and whip up hate mobs against it. The only difference is which one is fashionable at any one given moment.
Everyone thinks the Government is evil when it doesn't do what they want, but they proclaim the wonders of it when it does what they want it to. For example, the Financiers cry "The Government is restricting the free market!" until the free market sends them spiraling towards bankruptcy, and the Government gives them US$800,000,000,000.00 dollars. Then the Government "did what was necessary for the people", the free market be damned.

Idiots think a few wiki articles make them wise, and rely more on the thoughts of others than their own. The amount of copy/pasta going on is insane.
Hate-mongers of every walk think [reasons] justify their hate - be it anti-religious, anti-homosexuals, anti-environmentalism or whatever else is the escape goat of the day.
Instead of "getting along with your fellow man" and "tolerance", most people adopt the "treat the opposition with outright hostility and insults" position that seems ever-so popular today.

At the end of the day, I look and see endless droves of hypocrites. I don't see a way back from it. Rather depressing, really.

I didn't, I gained it.

I was raised in two different religions, my father was Jewish and my mother was a Methodist. I was brought up in a very strict church which later accounted for my atheism, while at the synagogue it was more laxed and laid back. During my teens I went through an atheist phase, but eventually I found my faith in God again. I sought God out, I asked God if he is real can He show me, I told myself "well I may be an atheist but I'm willing to give faith a chance", and I did, and now I am strongly serving God to this day.

I don't hate atheists, however I wish many of them would be a bit more tolerant towards religious people. There are plenty of us who do in fact believe in science and evolution, there is in fact many of us who don't hate gay people, there is in fact many of us who are well educated and intelligent. The generalizations some atheists make about religious people is downright asinine.

However God is always with us whether you believe in Him or not. The message is simple, love other people and show tolerance and don't judge. I don't see why someone would be against this.

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