Another shameful event by Greece's government,one in a series of shameful events.

Chaos in Greece,as anti-terrorist police squads and riot police invade the village Skouries.

A week ago,someone started a fire in a nearby installation of the Canadian corporation Eldorado Gold. The police took a guess that it might have been someone from the nearby village,and instead of following the standard procedure of asking witnesses and looking for clues,decided to make use of more drastic measures. Specifically,police decided to send Riot Police along with anti-terrorist units armed with assault rifles to forcefully break-in in every single house of the village to "search". Note that police doesn't have the authority to forcefully break in to people's houses without attorney's decree specifically stating the person who is considered a suspect. This event thus is unconstitutional.

The villagers of the little village felt offended by this,as the last thing a family man wants is to see masked people break in to his home aiming at him and his family with assault rifles. So they decided to gather and protest in the road leading to their village,and then Riot Police started action by launching tear gas and stun grenades against them.

After scattering the crowd,policemen moved into the village while continuously launching tear gas canisters and stun grenades everywhere. They even got inside the village's school,and threw their tear gases even inside the school building,making many underage students to pass out of panic or because they couldn't breath fresh air.

3 Days ago masked policemen invaded the same school in Skouries village and abducted 2 students. The students where hold for 12 hours away from their parents and where interrogated as suspects of arson.

What lead to these events,is a series of other events that have become a big scandal in the country.

In 2012 minister of Environment licensed the Eldorado company to start mining for gold a gold vein that had been discovered near the village. That alone ignited fury as the gold vein is located too close to the village,which would mean that all the dust and hazardous particles the mine will produce such as arsenic,cadmium,and lead,and will emit in the air,will affect the safety of public health in the village's population. Except from that,the gold vein is located under a forest that is included in the National Park / Forest regions,which according to the local constitution are protected and belong to the state,and thus can't be sold as private properties. So licensing ElDorado corp. to mine the area,was unconstitutional from the start.


The specific forest is supposedly protected by European Union pacts for the preservation of wild life,as the forest area around Skouries is home to at least 40 recorded mammal species and 180 bird species,such as deer,foxes,hogs,squirrels,falcons,and wolves,and some of them are considered endangered.


And while the mining will destroy 31,000 hectares of virgin forest which is already fenced and sealed from the public,and will generate about 3000 tonnes of dust per hour that will make the air in the surrounding area unbreathable,the Greek government signed a deal in which it won't keep any percentage of the value from the gold that will be sold,and the complete price for everything that Eldorado needed to have full exclusive access was 11 million euros. All that while the gold vein's value is 22 billion euros. That's 20,000 times the money Eldorado paid the Greek government to buy the National Forest,the mining license,and the complete ownership of the gold it holds.

As a Greek I feel ashamed that the constitution only works for the poor people,while the politicians and rich are above it,and can defy it by break laws whenever they want and doing whatever they want, without ever getting punished. I'm also disappointed by the police, as instead of putting under arrest the corrupted politicians who run this country,protect them, and turn against the rights of their people and their people. Greece is becoming a police state ran by corporations and their puppets,the politicians.

Stavros Dimou:
Greece is becoming a police state ran by corporations and their puppets,the politicians.

Were I a total cynic, at this juncture I'd point out that if this were true, all it would mean is that you're catching up with the rest of the world :-P

Aww, look at that pretty wolf. I bet its pelt could fetch a nice price.

But yes, when you elect nothing but shady politicians even the most cursory glance at should've told you were shady, and don't pay taxes for 30 years straight, things tend to go rather far down the drain.

Were I a total cynic, at this juncture I'd point out that if this were true, all it would mean is that you're catching up with the rest of the world :-P

I'm not sure what scares me most: that the world could be in such a state that such an opinion could form... or that I completely agree with it :'(

This, particularly when combined with the rise of the Golden Dawn, is troubling news. Not the business about the mine or the poor wittle wanimals, but rather the extreme actions of the police.

Regretably my ignorance regarding Greece is almost total. Are there any precedents for this manner of action? Are there parralels between incidents such as this and the run up to the military coup in '67?


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