Grey state

Funny movie, Looks like someone is going to try to make some money off the evil fema/un/big gov crowd.

So what do you guys think? Would you see it or would you pass and consider these people are nutters?

I put this here because this movie Reeks with Politics.

Official site:

Zef Otter:

Funny movie, Looks like someone is going to try to make some money off the evil fema/un/big gov crowd.

It's a science fiction movie, with a conspiracy theory bent. As long as it's well enough directed, scripted and acted, I'd be content to munch some popcorn to it.

Potentially it has pretentions to be "reality based", and have some degree of journalistic integrity. Much like all those other movies that want have their cake and eat it by trying to con you into thinking a shit-ton of artistic licence doesn't at all conflict with a claim to realism.

From what I've seen of the comments from the poster, it definitely seems like it's attempting to capture money from the "fear" crowd.

Looks like stupid conspiracy nonsense to me, and the seen where the woman walks into a market and is horrified by the "out of stock" signs just made me laugh more than panic. In my opinion it'll probably be spread to a few tea party circles and not much farther.

To me this appears to be one big paranoid "da guberment gonna take ma guns" person's wet dream. It definitely has an agenda behind it, the people behind seem to be saying just that in the second link. I'm not going to see it because I don't think it looks that interesting.

If it took a more grounded in reality approach to how such a totalitarian state might come about, it looks like it could have actually been pretty good. Unfortunately, a lot of the imagery involved does seem to draw very much from the far right, so yeah, I'll pass.

I look to the right on the youtube page in your first link, this trailer definitely belongs in the same category as the sandy hook massacre hoax. I also like how the next link says how many months until this happens? Dude Obama has been president for 4 years and several months are we really doing he is the anti christ thing again?


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