Piracy and the Consumer Principle

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As a result, you can take your pseudo morality and shove it. I wish to continue to have access to quality media for the foreseeable future thank you very much.

Only that you won't.[1] Nobody will. Capitalism as we know it simply did not account for the possibility of goods being available in virtually unlimited supply. Nobody saw it coming. Supply and demand economics break down in the virtual world, because there is no shortage of supply. We're (un)fortunate enough to live in a time where we need to adjust our entire economic system to deal with post-scarcity.

The current status quo cannot last forever, as was demonstrated by how SOPA and ACTA got bombarded from orbit. All attempts to curb piracy and set a legal framework for intellectual property that would otherwise been freely available to anyone with internet acess on a worldwide or at least nationwide scale have been destroyed so far. That's an indication that some lateral thinking and approach from a different starting point is necessary.

Do I have a perfect solution? Heh, would I be here, being a smartass if I had one? Of course I don't, if I had one, I'd be campaigning. But I do recognize the need for a better solution. And that's the first step toward a better solution, a step so many people and businesses have yet to make.

And my personal opinion? I'm more convinced by goodies I get for being a good citizen than punishments I get for not being one. If you convince me to buy, I'll buy. If you only convince me to not pirate, I might or might not buy. Now which customer would a business rather have? The one that buys, or the one that might or might not buy?

[1] Okay, that depends on how far into the future is "foreseeable"

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