Poll: I will eat other people

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I may just have a weak stomach, but could you dial down whatever is happening?

But think about all the new and exciting dishes you could make! I hear human liver goes good with fava beans and a nice chianti....

I'm not gonna lie, I've actually always been curious about what human meat tastes like. Not like, in a crazy way, just out of curiosity. It's not like if I were to get into that situation I'd be eager to eat someone, but at the same time if it really came down to a matter of life or death, I wouldn't just let myself die to uphold some morals to that degree. Plus, I heard that cannibalism isn't actually illegal. Obviously killing someone is, but I think that if the person consented to it before dying.

I would eat them if that meant survival. I would not eat them normally (as some suggested for public consumption) due to health risks. There are a lot of diseases that can sprout out of cannibalism. research on cannibalist societies have shown that it is unsustainable model.

Wait, I thought liberals were communists, and your name is "Soviet", so that'd make you a liberal. I'm so confused! *holds head*

Be no more. Soviets werent communists.

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

First thing I thought of when reading the OP was Owen Coffin and the sinking of the Essex:


By February 1 the food had run out and the situation in Captain Pollard's boat became quite critical. The men drew lots to determine who would be sacrificed for the survival of the crew. A young man named Owen Coffin, Captain Pollard's 17-year old cousin, whom he had sworn to protect, drew the black spot. Pollard allegedly offered to protect his cousin but Coffin is said to have replied "No, I like my lot as well as any other." Lots were drawn again to determine who would be Coffin's executioner. His young friend, Charles Ramsdell, drew the black spot. Ramsdell shot Coffin, and his remains were consumed by Pollard, Barzillai Ray, and Charles Ramsdell. On February 11, Ray also died. For the remainder of their journey, Pollard and Ramsdell survived by gnawing on the bones of Coffin and Ray. They were rescued when almost within sight of the South American coast by the Nantucket whaleship Dauphin, on February 23, 95 days after the Essex sank. Both men by that time were so completely dissociative that they did not even notice the Dauphin alongside them and became terrified by seeing their rescuers.

Aside from the bodies mentioned, the survived feasted on five other bodies as well.


Dude, I'm a Diabetic. Even if I did eat the Corpses, I would still probably die from either Ketoacidosis or Hypoglycemia (Because Meat doesn't have Carbs).

Does fat work? I figure you could find the fattest guy there and suck on the fat.

Not 100% Sure, but if it doesn't have Carbohydrates in it, I could go into a Hypoglycemic Coma, and if it does, then I could get Ketoacidosis. Both of which would be bad for me. And even if I didn't eat them, I could still get the Coma or Ketoacidosis. So it's a lose-lose situation for me no matter what happens.

The situation I would have to be in and the act itself would probably scar me for life, but anyone who thinks they can go without food for two weeks eventhough it's "right there" is fooling themself.

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