Cops open fire at times Square, miss their suspect, shoot bystanders instead.

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Well, I can say this about you. You certainly like to look on the bright side of things.

But seriously bro, no. This isn't a better headline. Both are unacceptable. But I at least want the cops to hit what they're fucking shooting at for those off chances where there's actually a guy with a guy around.

Indeed, and talking about a police officer's equipment and lack of training is indeed a worthy discussion to be had, but to claim that the blame in this incident lies squarely on the shoulders of the politicians who made the decision regarding the officers' equipment and extent of firearms training is to completely ignore the fact that in this incident, neither factor should have ever come into play and only does so because of the poor judgment of the officer who chose to open fire unnecessarily in the first place.

In short, the blame for this incident lies square on said officer, not on the politicians, even if they are to blame for putting the officers at a great disadvantage when it comes to hitting their target with their firearm.

And what about the time before this?

The shooter is always responsible for their shot. However, the fact that this keeps happening simply proves how idiotic those policies are. This happens in a place that has cut back on training requirements and at the same time introduced a firearm that requires even more training to use effectively.

The politicians are to blame for this. So is the officer. Why can't they all be at fault?

The politicians are to blame for this. So is the officer. Why can't they all be at fault?

Because that doesn't jive with the picture the media has painted of a homicidal pro-second amendment culture in America.

How could we blame the shepherds officers that are there to corral protect the sheep people?

How could we blame the Politicians who so clearly have zero interest in their own affairs and sacrifice their services as a charity to the free world to keep us all healthy and happy with absolutely no personal gain of their own?

(Disclaimer: My comment about police is not an insult to the police. I'm commenting on how the anti-gun believe that we should rely solely on the police for our own safety. A ridiculous notion at no fault of the police - they just simply can't be everywhere at once, and as this very story proves, they are human and make mistakes too.)

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