Russian Literature in Russian


I'm struggling with learning Russian (and I have to learn it) since I'm not very motivated. The trick with other languages I learned was to get some media I'm interested in. Something rather good/big.

I'm not the most humorous guy around, as in I have a very strange taste in humour (love YouTube Poop, don't like modern American late night shows).

I love SciFi. I can bear with socialist and communist propaganda, if the SciFi stuff (for example) is of high quality. I can make do with high fantasy, but then it must be top-notch. I enjoy post-apocalyptic movies, but then the atmosphere must be thick. I was for example a fan of 1984, but nowadays, the theme of love and the lacking visuals (yes, I mean un-excitement-inducing (not saying unexciting on purpous)) make it a bore fest for me once I figured out its other themes.

I know of Stalker (movie), haven't seen it and frankly, I bet it's hard to come by in Germany in the Russian language, I bet. Don't know. Would be just one single movie anyway. I might try out Metro (games and books). But what I'm truely lacking is awesome movies. If it's a good thriller or something like Vertigo, visually stunning, then please let me know.

I would be tremendously grateful.

I don't really know many movies sorry; but Solaris is a 1970s Russian scifi that I really enjoyed. (With subtitles) it's more of a psychological drama and is a slow burner, but being dialog heavy might help you?

If you need books Roadside picnic Is the book that STALKER and the metro series are based off. It's very good.
Other than that you've got all the classic literature that's apparently beautiful to read in Russian, Gogol's dead souls is a good start.

Hello everyone I'm looking for some opinions/advice. I have to be awake long hours and I use yahoo messenger to keep in touch with both friends and business contacts, but I hate leaving my monitor on for hours on end when I'm just waiting for someone to sign on.

Is there any way that an addon could be built for Windows/Yahoo, so that if I set my monitor to turn off after a certain amount of time (control panel>power options) and receive a popup from yahoo (a new email, someone signing on, a new message) yahoo could automatically turn it back on?

If it IS possible, would I start on the Yahoo end or the Windows end?


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