Need advice on sex ed.

Sorry didn't know where to post and im new here. Sorry for my english. I would like to ask you a question. Me and my girlfriend are both worried.

So yesterday friday. Me and my girlfriend were fooling around. I fingered her then i took her to the bathroom and i pulled out my penis. I entered her pussy because we were curious. But only the head of my penis was inside and i didnt push it i didnt even move but yeah i kinda struggled before i found the entrance that means i kinda poked or rubbed her vagina. I didnt cum or anythin.. Before entering her pussy i saw some wet stuff on my underwear. Is that precum? But yeah before i entered her i made sure my penis had no fluid on it. My penis was sticky but dry. Then i entered her. But only the head was inside. And i immediately pulled it out after 8 or 9 seconds. Like i said my penis was dry and sticky at first before entering her vagina. But after pulling out my dick was wet. Is it because of her vagina? What are the chances of her getting pregnant by me. She's an irregular too that's why we're so friggin worried. Her last period was around march 16+ im not sure. She's not sure. What are tha chances? Please answer. We're both 18

Taking what you said to be The depiction of events, there is still a slight chance that you as a couple are pregnant.
Always use a condom, unless you are trying to have a child!

If you are both 18, can she/you not go to any store and buy a pregnancy test?
There is also the option of visiting a clinic and having an ultrasound.

Even if you use a condom, you are only protecting yourself, in essence.
If questions arise, there are also fatherhood tests available.

Oh, yeah. That wetness in your underwear were almost certainly pre-cum.
Yes, if she was aroused, the vagina gets wet/lubricated.

So, based on what you've described, the chance of pregnancy is pretty low, so there's no need to panic immediately. However, even trace amounts of precum can impregnate someone, so you need to be careful if you're going to be doing stuff like this and should really be using some form of birth control.

As I said, don't panic now as the risk is very small and there is not much you can do at this point. I think most of us have a few stories about times we did stupid things, and for most people it turned out okay. But, if this is the kind of thing you're doing now you should look at ways to make it less risky.

Thanks guys. Kinda relieved to hear that. Really scared af
I really hope she's not pregnant, really made a big mistake
curiosity killed the cat hahah. I tried looking for emergency contraceptives april 15 and also april 16 but no luck
all pharmacies ran out of stock or had their databases deleted. Wth. Haha but some required prescription

The whole insertion thingy happened april 13. I guess ill just have to wait for her period and try not to panic. I seriously have a bad history of high blood pressure or something like that and imma die from panic and paranoia hahaha. *sigh* pharmacies in the Philippines suck.

Something that really bothered me is how my girlfriend thinks that we'll experience bad luck because it happened Friday the 13th haha wth is that even true? Anyways I mean i did masturbate the night before april 13 but yeah i peed lots. Before the whole insertion thingy i didnt masturbate. I only fingered her. I did found some pre cum on my underwear. But yeah like i said i inserted my penis only the head but it's all dry but sticky. Only for a few seconds. I hope she's not pregnant

Clarification. It's really not that sticky. I mean i think it's normal for the head of the penis to be a little bit sticky when you touch it right? Because of the texture or somethin?

Go to a 7/11 or whatever is the closest thing you have where you live. Grab a box of condoms. Put it on the conveyor/sales table. Stare the cashier in the eyes.

You will notice one thing above all.

They don't give a shit.

Buy your condoms and fuck your girlfriend as much as you want, secure in the knowledge that she'll not get pregnant.

Oh my, you sound in dire need of Sex Ed. You should be on Planned Parenthood, not the Escapist. Basically read the whole site.

Or at least read:

All About Sex
All the sections of Preventing Pregnancy & STDs
Birth Control
Are My Penis And Testicles Normal
Everything on Emergency Contraceptives (It's a little late for this time, now though :/)

That's a basic foundation, I think, but don't feel you need to stop after just reading what I've recommended. Sex Ed is really, really important. There's also about a million questions that have been answered on their Ask the Experts section, so you'll probably be able to find the answers to many of your questions there.

Buy your condoms and fuck your girlfriend as much as you want, secure in the knowledge that she'll not get pregnant.

... if you're lucky. Considering condoms are only 85% effective at preventing pregnancy on their own, I wouldn't feel too secure in that knowledge.


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