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Welcome to the Advice Forum; the point of this forum is to provide advice for any users who ask. Advice offered should help in addressing a problem, making a decision, or managing a situation. Please be mindful and respectful of one another.

There is a very distinct difference between asking a general question or recommendation and genuine advice. Unsure of what game to buy? Post it in Gaming Discussion. Unsure of how something within The Escapist forums works? Post it in Off-Topic. Unsure of how to react or manage a personal situation involving others around you? You're in the right place. Any threads created within the Advice Forum that are better suited in other forums will be moved, the same goes for threads better suited for the Advice Forum created in another forum.

If you would prefer to talk privately, you are more than welcome to message me.


Strict rules are applied to this forum, more so than any other forum on The Escapist[1]. Users have made themselves vulnerable by asking for real life advice and that makes a tempting target for others. Expect suspensions and total site bans for disrupting any of these threads. If you have nothing to contribute to a thread, do not post.

Please note: We are not professionals, counselors, doctors, mental therapists, or social workers. If you feel that you need help[2] and not just advice[3], you should contact a professional to get that help. Below you will find a list of contact information. If you'd like to suggest any other sites, please message me.

[1] For the Official Forum Code of Conduct, please click here. For a comprehensive user's guide to the forums, please click here.
[2] to give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need.
[3] an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc.


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