Deep thought = depression, apathy, procrastination?

Exactly what the title says, the deeper I think of my life and life in general, the more depressed and apathitic I get; I also tend to procrastinate more. Its led to my making a platitude, as much as I hate them, "do, dont think". I have been dealing with this for YEARS, I have only figured it out recently and have become much happier and more productive.

Is this normal?

Its normal for those with depression, I'm actually in a depression fueled procrastination rut as we speak, I should be doing homework right now. Apathy makes you feel like working towards future rewards is pointless, it kills your will to work because you just can't get to it. You go in to a paralysis and just feel like doing absolutely nothing, especially not hard work.

As for fixing it? Well I still do it. The best I can tell is seek professional help. I don't know why your depressed so I can't help you fix it. You say you are already feeling more productive so you seem to be on the right track.

I get like this. I get this if i feel swamped. I just 'cant face working', so i do less, so the work piles higher...and repeat.

You could say your procrastination is a form of escapism (ironic given the website) - but its like 'you cant face where you are currently, so you 'escape' by procrastinating'.

I cant tell you how to get over it, i just all of a sudden have a 'CLEAN ALL THE THINGS' moment and catch up/get ahead.

But in answer to your question, yes its completely normal.


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