Love life gone, isolated from friends, need advice.

Gonna make a long story short here: I was romantically involved with someone for about a month, but we're now unable to keep that relationship going due to circumstances beyond our control. Heartbroken, I cut ties with all of our mutual friends and now I only have one person who I consider a good friend that I can still talk to.

I want to make new friends, maybe meet a new romantic interest (Second one is questionable, since I'm not actually financially independent at this point in my life). Problem is: I have no social life outside of the internet. I don't drink, do clubs or parties or any of that sort of thing. I don't even have a cell phone FFS.

I don't want to be friends with just anyone though, I want to be friends with people I can *relate* to (ie Gamers, people who are somewhat intellectual, on the "Nerdy" side of the social spectrum) but those people are very far and few between 'round these parts, apparently.

So how does one go about meeting such people? 'cause I'm at a loss here.

You talk with the people you left and try to work something out.

Meeting new people is easy, maintaining those friendships, a little difficult.


I know, it looks like a dating site but somehow it caters to the geekier/nerdier end of the market and there are a lot of people on there who are up for meeting random people for friendship as well as dating.

And maybe you should get a cellphone so you can keep in touch with people once you meet them...

Also, volunteer for something. It sounds hokey and old fashioned but it will get you out of the house, give you something to feel positive about and put you in the way of interesting people.

Relationships developed online tend t be short lived compared to others because if you don't like that person, you stop replying and that's that.
It's fast, convenient and very handy but, it has it's flaws.

If you are looking for a real set of friends, try volunteering, joining a sport team, or just plain g et a job.
I find that some of my best friends are people I met while doing a waitressing job etc.
You will earn money, and it's like turn up to work and they will be there with out you having to plan to meet them.

Wow... I know exactly how you're feeling, and when I say exactly, I mean it. I'm stuck somewhere that I don't have many friends and most of the friends I would have had came from an ex I no longer wish to see. Thus far the only way I've managed to make any friends other than that is from work. It sounds stupid I know, but it's not too bad. Once you hang out with that person they introduce you to others and the cycle just keeps on going.

After posting here last night, I was thinking about how I am dong with my social life, and alised I have none!
For example, I current have 70 friend on face book, of which 20 are my boyfriends relatives.
Another five a employee at my moms company.
The rest are people I managed to find just so Facebook get intesting.
A total of about 45 friends including people i could care less about from through kindergarten to grad school.

That is pretty sad if you really think about it.

And my phone contacts are all companies, and restaurants.

Despite that, I have a fairly happy life, and it seems I was more stressed when I was surrounded by too many people.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that it's ok to not have too many people in your life. Don't force yourself, and choose the right people to e hanging out with.

It's also ok to just have acquaintances, not buddies you know :)

I have one question...

Aren't you a little too picky, too biased, too opinionated ?
You see, most people walk with... how to say that... patterns they recognize as "best there are". They try to find people and/or events matching these patterns. "I'll become friends with x, because he is y, and i don't want to hear about v because he does z".

Same thing with money, cell phones, clubbing. Is it really THAT needed to have relationships ?


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