Really need some help

Okay i am going to get this straight i am Eleven the reason my age is diffrent is becase i dont want to be described as an whiny crying lound mouthing idiot.
But the one thing i am is lazy but i really want to do is program games (just like everyone else) but i just can't keep on track i will be like okay i am going to learn java/pearl/flex/python/c/c++/c# but after 2 mins i will go i have done enough time for a quick game of minecraft. So can anyone give me some tips to stay on track i have been wanting to do this all my life i am extremly serious about this.

Now if you can't read this its for two reason 1 i am on ipod and i got a c in grammar

Ok, I' m gonna be the first person to take your thread seriously, and everyone can make fun about it later :)

Well., first of all not all people learn that programming stuff just because they want to.
Usually they have to do it for work, or they have to study it because that's what they study in school.

If you really are able to get a head start now, then that would be pretty cool. But it want be easy and of course you will keep getting distracted.

How do you usually study for your tests?
Do you have any mini projects that you can do so up I are not randomly studying but actually setting y ourself a goal?

I hope your native language is English, I can refer you to some video tutorials that have helped me a bit to understand programming better, however you'll still need to pratice in order to be anything close to decent at it - its not something you learn by watching, you'll need to make the mistakes in order to progress, you need to see what happens when you change X to Y and Y to Z. Here's a link to the channel, over at the playlist you can select a whole bunch of video's that relate to programming on whichever language, try JAVA if you want to start making games, would be the easiest way that I know off. Easiest doesn't mean easy, by the way.

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If you want to learn programming you need some sort of project to code for.

I'm pretty good with Visual Basic, but I can't just sit down and go "let's program something!"
So, decide on something you want to do, then do it (not too difficult goal, though).

Besides, once you get going you should have a hard time to stop coding, otherwise something's up... assuming you're a bit like me.


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