Help with a Podcast

I'd like to start up a podcast of sorts, I don't really know a whole lot about uploading a podcast, and more importantly where to upload one, preferably for free.
Any tips on recording or which programs to use, really anything on the matter would be incredibly helpful.

When I googled it I found a few podcast sites:

You should probably upload to all of these sites for the largest exposure, and as a way to store those podcasts for free, to which you can then link to on forums and blogs. Maybe a blog of your own would be a good idea? That way people have a page they can bookmark and return to every week, if they like your podcasts.

Also, does Youtube still have a limit on length? Maybe cut into parts? It would probably be possible to put it up on Youtube, but I've never uploaded anything there before, so I don't know exactly how that would work.

Thanks for the help!


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