A bug, not done, or simply the vagaries of fate (Skyrim question)?

Yes, another question about Skyrim. The gods weep. In between loud sobs and frantic wishes for it to "please go away", if you could take the time to assist a fellow Escapist I would be ever so grateful. Throughout my adventuring in Skyrim, Ive happened across quest items (not knowing thats what they were) and, in my ignorance, picked them up as a fancy trophy or something to sell for some gold. Now, my particular annoyance is with three specific quests and about four particular items.

♦In the quest Onhimund's Request, where you are asked to get back the Nord mage Ohnimund's family amulet, you have to retrieve a staff for Enthir, another (I think Dunmer) mage at the College of Winterhold. Now, unless I am wrong, that item is the Grand Staff of Charming, something I had already picked up before receiving this particular quest. But every time I talk to Enthir, the dialogue necessary to give him the staff doesnt appear. Do I have the wrong item, or is this a bug in need of fixing?

♦In the quest Investigate the Bard College, you are asked to talk to the Head Bard (forget the mans name but I believe he is a wood elf.) Everytime Im around him, he has a little white quest arrow over his head, but whenever I approach him to talk to him there are no different dialogue options. Bug or did I not finish something I was supposed to finish?

♦The quest Pantea's Flute has you retrieve the named flute for a female Bard at the college (I forget her name but she is one of the "teachers" if Im not mistaken.) Whenever I try and talk to her, I get no dialogue options at all, just the lower case subtitles (as opposed to the larger, bolded subtitles when actively engaged with someone in conversation.)Bug or just something random?

♦Finally, and this is really two in one, Ive talked to both Inge Six Fingers and Germaine something or other about Finn's Lute and Rjorn's Drum respectively. Both have given me the rewards for their quests, but neither of the items were removed from my inventory and I cant drop them because "you cant drop quest items." Is this a bug, or have I not completed something?

Thank you for your time and any insight you might have.

Brett Dumain:
Thank you for your time and any insight you might have.

Never heard about occurrences similar to yours.
Still, have you patched SKYRIM to newest version ? (1.3 is current patch if i'm not mistakin')

You may want to visit this place.
They deal with The Elder Scrolls series and often provide some deep insight into some things. For example they offer ways to resolve some bugged quests with console commands.

Remember - when you can't go on because of flaw in the game, it's not cheating. it's fixing things. :)

Good luck !


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